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I’ve tried installed this countless times and it always returns. Password didn’t match. Please provide the correct password.

I’ve tried numerous ways of fixing this with now luck


Does increasing the height all me to have multiple entries each day? Looking to have 10 entries per da.

Second—can a user edit the data, or only admin? I would need the admin panel to be locked, and have another login that allows adding and removing entries. Thanks!


The height increase with the number of entries.

Only an admin can edit the data.

When I upload (FTP) the Install.php to my server – it keeps disappearing? I upload it, I see it on the remote server, then it disappears?

Please advise.

Can you install for me please (I am happy to pay) I just need this working asap… Thnx

My install.php file disappears after it is uploaded? I see it then when I refresh It’s gone – please help me get this installed.

Can another purchaser of this script assist me in installing? – I will be happy to pay you. Please help.


I am looking at this for my clients site who wants a booking system so was thinking of getting something like this to integrate into Opencart so the users can book classes online and pay via PayPal which opencart can do as is a shopping cart system but trying to turn it into a booking system so just seeing if this can be integrated into opencart?

Thank you



This is a custom script so the integration is all upto you and your php coding knowledge.

Hi, Ok what if I don’t use opencart, would you be able to help me with adding PayPal into it as well as discounts

Sorry I am available for hire these days.


ptm Purchased

Is there any way to have an event repeat once per week? For example, add an event for Monday, and have it auto-populate every Monday?


Same problem as nettemple (3 month ago), the install.php deletes on godaddy server? Has that fix been identified?

Throwing an error, Where is the eventer-config.php


It is created by the script itself when you install the script.

Having problem when i see in demo, day in calendar can define, then after install, all month cannot define all month 28th why?

I can’t install this script, it fails when I try and enter the first info in the install screen. I don’t get an error message from the script, the page just immediately says “The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.”

All the info I enter is correct, and a test script has no trouble connecting to the database I set up. GoDaddy support can’t see anything wrong on their end, and since the info I’m entering into the install screen works using a simple database connection test, it seems to be a problem with Eventer.

Can you help with this please?

IMPORTANT: This script will NOT install on GoDaddy hosted servers. It is blocked by them for security reasons: “It is getting blocked on our end because you are using post commands to create the file which we do not allow. It is not allowed because it is easier to compromise down the road.” The author of the script should state this as a system requirement, or provide an alternative installation process.

Hi, I was trying to add an event and this is the error I received when i clicked on “Add Event” after filling in all the fields

“You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ’s “The Bear” & “The Proposal”

Date: “

How can this be fixed?

Thanks, Just emailed you through your profile contact form.

Hi, Its been almost a month and i still have not received any response to my email sent from your profile form.

Hi Lucidstudios, is anyone interested in providing support????

Hi first able excuse my english i’m a french. I bought your calendar plugin and install database but when i create a user an error appear “Something went wrong while adding admin user $username. Please try again.”

Thank you for your help My email is benoit.gagnon05@gmail.com Benoit