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No notifications?

It has notification and it’ll remind on that day

Hi great app- could you provide your skype

I would love to chat with you guys about some some custom features before purchase.


Hello, For more question you can contact me from my profile page http://codecanyon.net/user/appzforest

Could you check this issue:

Added a new category and filled all the fields. Saved and a different image then what was selected was shown. When I clicked edit, all fields are cleared and it asks to fill all fields again. and then no image is shown. Each time we enter the edit on this new category, all fields need to be re-entered.

One more thing, we tried editing and it won’t save titles.

Thanks for get back to me, I’ll go with provided steps and let you know.

Thank you

I think that is a great source code and I see that you have one for Android too. Do those have a backend? Could we somehow connect both of them together ?

It’s separate, with same features and not connected each other. Thanks

Any news on the fix for titles?

Its can save as Xyz’s Birthday kindly let me know if any other issue

Hi there, can’t run the App, getting following errors:

dayCounter Group Category_ViewController.m Category_ViewController.m:99:32: Assigning to ‘id<UITextFieldDelegate>’ from incompatible type ‘Category_ViewController *const __strong’ ViewController.m ViewController.m:207:32: Unused variable ‘month_int’ ViewController.m:493:12: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: ‘NSInteger’ (aka ‘long’) to ‘int’ Detail.m Detail.m:20:17: Method definition for ‘Backbtn_Press:’ not found FMDatabaseAdditions.m FMDatabaseAdditions.m:16:17: Method definition for ‘applicationIDString’ not found Warning: no rule to process file ‘wimages/ios/README.md’ of type net.daringfireball.markdown for architecture arm64 Command /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/usr/bin/copypng failed with exit code 1

Any solution?

Can you please me screenshot ? Also contact me from my profile email to appzforest so i can resolve issue quickly.

Do you can integrate it into an existing app? How much?

Sorry i did not get you, Can you please tell what thing do you want to integrate ?

is it compatible for IOS9/xcode7?.

Right now not

When you will release for Xcode 7.1 ? If I buy now, will I run into problems when build/archive/uploads with Xcode 7.1?

I have tested with 7 its working

will I need to edit this in xcode or swift?

Yes its require Xcode language used objective-c

Hi ! Where do you save the reminders? Do you use a core-data database? Can you sync reminders with native reminder app?

There is local database within the app

When you will update for xcode 9 and iOS 11 and iPhone x ?