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This application yest not live on store once live I’ll provide URL, Its same as description and screenshot

Demo url or hosted ?

I’ll provide you soon

It’s Eclipse version and it does support admob?

It’s Eclipse version, no Admob integrated

Lots of bugs…. can you help me? I sent you the code with every single instruction you explained to me but it didnt worked out!!! csm@terra

Kindly provide me screenshot please

I sent hou an email…i follow all your instructions and also sent you my code through dropbox. Hope you help me.

ok send me screenshot and code there

Hi,,, Nice App.. Will you provide this app with source code? This we ask for further customization to be done by us.

Hello, You will get code once you purchase but for extra customization you will need to contact me later which will be chargeable, You can contact me from my profile page. Thanks

Is it possible to translate easily?

Yes if you have good skill you can do it

Will this app send notifications or sound the alarm when the date has arrived? Thanks

Yes It’ll

Is there any way you guys can package the files with the gradle build export so that we can import it into Android Studio… since Eclipse is not longer in use? I am not sure how to import it into Android Studio and the videos I am looking at needs you to generate the build files first. Thanks

Hello, Thanks for contact me we will push update but for now quick solution contact via my profile page. Thanks

hi , i can build it in android studio ? admin panel ?

There is no admin in Event reminder

Your link demo doesnt work

I’ll update soon

demo? i need an app where everyone can insert or delete an event … I can do with this app?

where the data is saved?

It’s in local database

Can you please provide new APK link.