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I also get a white page not error or nothing. Installed on LAMP on Digital Ocean. Is there any other install guide?

I assume you read the documentation carefully.

Please write for me how you did installed and send me screenshots if needed. Also attach your config.php and database.php via email not here.

Use this link to send me email The “Email Ardawan” section.


This looks really promising. However, when i was testing it, i found out some problem:

1. It kept logging out when you didnt not. 2. When tried to check in guest, it will logged out. No responses. 3. No contact number, incase there’s a problem with the transaction or anything else. 4. No refund button. Incase user or admin wish to make a refund can click by a button. 5. Unable to Set ticketing details like increase limit of purchase to 10 or 20, etc instead of just 2.


Oh yes, it will be great if we can test out as a super-admin too! Right now, we can only see as front-end user, but not the system admin.

1. I can’t help you in this because it’s the first time I hear someone say kept logging out without any reason.

2. You kept logging out because of security purposes. you’re trying to do something which your account doesn’t allow. There is no reason to respond to who wants to break the system.

3. If you look carefully to the entire website, you will see there is a Contact page. What transaction are you talking about?

4. Refund button for free ticketing? What would you like to refund?

5. You have not purchase EventPursuit yet, so you didn’t read the documentation yet. The purchase limit will change by hard code in the application config.

I can’t allow test users to access to super admin. If you’re interested to see what is included in SuperAdmin panel, check the latest screenshots.

If any other question that you have, you can email me.

Hi, I’m really interested in this item, yet I can’t try all the demo features because email verification is not working, I’m not receiving any email, I tried with a gmail account and a personal business account but no luck. Can you create a demo account please? Cheers


The Email verification is fully functional as I tested just now and validate an email perfectly.

I found the latest registered email on the panel which is bsva** if it is belongs to you, please check your email and for sure the verification email sent to your given email, unless you type your email wrongly.


I just found it on the SPAM folder. Please accept my apologies. I will test it now. Thank you!

No worries. have a fun and let me know if you have any other question.

Could you have access to the back end? I need to analyze it well before making a purchase.

take a look at screenshots, surly will find the super admin menu. Super admin is NOT able to delete any user’s record (Super admin can only activate and deactivate the users’ account)

Do you have check in control? One thing would be to sell the tickets, but I need to check those who attend the event. Would your system suit me?

yes, you have the option for check-in and get the guests list. More options displayed on the screenshots. please analyze this page ( ) very well.

I have sent inboxes for help with the page errors. Please reply ASAP. We do not want to come ask for help in the comments.

I have received your email.

I am investigating your report and will reply you soon with a solution. As you read the rules here on, I have 5 days to respond.

So, Please be patient and just send me an email.

Thank you

Hello Ardawan, Good day. I can’t tell you how much i enjoy this work. it is quite great. Howevr i would like to know when u intend to add paid tickets. Thanks.

Hi Endukong,

Thanks for showing your interest and asking me. The paid ticketing will be in the next scheduling and I hope will be soon.

Have a good day

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i am waiting for the paid tickets if it’s coming anytime soon

do this script support RTL ?

Sorry this version doesn’t support RTL


Pre-order question : How to check back-end demo?

Hi, you can try our live preview and sign up and then you have access to the platform. live preview link:

hi im interested in your script, how can i collect payment for tickets? payment gateway integration is possible like instamojo or payumoney or ccavenue, can you please activate super admin to my mail id

this version doesn’t design to support payments. I’m working on the next version which supports payments but not any payments. only PayPal and/or stripe