Event Pursuit

Event Pursuit

Current verison: 1.3

EventPursuit is a free online ticketing for event / EMS. Allows organizers to publish, share and sell their events to people online. This project uses best practices for security and SEO, validating inputs, validating users and use EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) to announce users about their signup, ticket purchased and other notifications.
This project using a smart search algorithm to show the most related result based on keywords. The algorithm is growing and you can get the updates.
This application built on Codeigniter MVC framework and UIKit framework.
Compatible and tested on Linux server, php5.6, mysql5.6

You can follow EventPursuit Updates / New features on Twitter @EventPursuit OR @ardawanIzadi

Server Requirements

PHP version 5.6
MySQL 5.6

Live Demo

I believe in what you see should be what you get. The live preview will give you a real experience of the web application which means you don’t need to have demo username or password to login but you need to sign up with a valid Email address to see how EventPursuit will verify your Email via sending you a verification email.

You will be able to act as Organizers to create, edit or cancel events or act as a buyer to purchase tickets, wish list event and more.


  • Super Admin
  • Ticket scheduling
  • Add to calendar [Gmail, iCal]
  • Guest list
  • Check-in
  • Maintenance page for staging purposes/updating.
  • Signup/User validation
  • Facebook login
  • Reset password
  • Display full event information
  • Automatic SEO generation for each uploaded event
  • Share event on Twitter & Facebook (one click)
  • Add to Gmail & Apple(iCal) calendars
  • Google maps display hotels & restaurants around the venue
  • Countdown timer [days-hours:minutes]
  • Clear upcoming event list
  • Custom and Fully functional Search Engine with many different filtering options.
  • Control panel
    • Create event
    • Tickets list
    • Wishlist
    • Notification
    • Settings: For Super Admin only
  • Display social networks
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Management
  • SEO
  • Schema
  • Social meta tags
  • EDM: Sending signup welcome, password renewal, purchased tickets to user’s email.
  • Help center
  • Editable design


[ V 1.3.1 ]
6 August 2017
  • Since this version, after installing EventPursuit on your server, Will run in maintenance mode to prevent going live before fully configure and creating SuperAdmin.
Note: You need to set your IP for maintenance mode. to learn more, please read the documentation

  • Minor debugging on Google analytics & tag manager codes
  • Minor debugging on Ajax class
[ V 1.3 ]
15 July 2017
  • Ticket scheduling. Allow ticket for sale from a specific date.
  • Bypass email validation on maintenance mode
  • Super admin setting added to control panel to manage users and events
  • Add to calendar for Gmail and iCal
  • New table added to Database
  • Using Ajax technique to make better user experience for some parts
  • The Codeigniter core framework updated to the latest stable version v3.1.5
  • Open links on new tab on the event pages
  • Make search page’s items more responsive for smart phones
  • Zoom in the map on create event page for more visibility on the area
  • Minor css fixes
  • Solve broken geolocation generating on event’s edit page
  • Prevent of creating events with no ticket
[ V 1.2 ]
5 May 2017
Database tables and some columns updated. Before migration backup your database
  • Added Language selector to the navigation bar.
  • Now users can set their language to their profile. This will change the website language after login automatically.
  • Supporting the German language
  • Sharing buttons for each event on Facebook & Twitter
  • Display expired message on expired events
  • Double confirmation on important actions
  • Multilingual About, contact, terms and condition and help center pages
  • Ticket list sorting is more efficient by displaying the latest purchase
  • fix Countdown cause side effects on other JS codes
  • Prevent selling tickets for expired event’s tickets
  • check-in list details error for expired/missing events fixed
  • broken about us page URL fixed
  • minor changes on maintenance mode page
  • Email verification minor bug fixed
[ V 1 ]
20 April 2017
  • Fix broken URLs
  • Default profile image