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Straight from your demo:

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined offset: 0

Filename: home/index_home.php

Line Number: 515

you cannot read here?

Pre-sales questions: 1).When will you stripe payment + 2 checkout? 2).What i the dedicated URL for all events + all upcoming events? 3). How can you search events as guests? 4). How can you see each dedicated event page? Thanks

Image only can add but cannot remove back..How to remove image?

hi, i am interested in your script. But i cannot understand how payment works

i already try demo account, some question for you:

1. If payment made with paypal, why buyer cannot fill their detail first?

2. If using offline payment, after fill the detail, invois was send to email. But only contain message, no invois to pay?

3. can i integrate with other payment gateway api?


1. If I purchase this, I get version 2.0? Or need to wait for new release?

2. Code it with add-on fee or free? It is an important feature, people who get the invoice in email can directly pay for it

3. I want to integrate with this https://billplz.com. This payment gateway have API. How much do you charge to integrate this?


1.new version is already live

2.yes that is free

3.for billplz please connect us at email support@himanshusofttech.com or skype us hsoftxml

hi again, i want to build a product launching site

all product launching will be there in the list

so the question:

1. can i change book now button to join now (redirect to jv page or affiliate page)

2. can each product have it own page for people get some information about the product?


Cannot install it, already send email for support. Please respond, urgent

Cannot install it, already send email for support. Please respond, urgent

We have responded back, and have fixed the issues. Thanks for buying our product.

has done well .. it is the only one that works well

He wanted to upgrade ..

Here is upgrade points :

(17 January 17) —Multi Vendor system added. —Adding and managing events for Vendor. —Commission or Plan base Vendor system. —Profile management. —Event attendees name on the booking of event. —Admin can create event vendor. —Added default image for event if not set feature image for event. —Discount Coupons Added for Event booking. —Admin can add vendor plan. —Vendor can purchase plan for event post by online or offline. —Vendors can see total collection of their event. —Vendors can see booking of their event. —Admin dashboard updated. —Online and Offline both payment method for event and purchase plan can be manage by admin. —Mail templates added for vendor registration,forget password,plan activation/update and maually added user. —Updated Codeigniter 2 to Codeigniter 3.

Hi i tried your script but i have find few bugs 1.based on plan generation for 30 days it shows 18350 days 2.Manual Booking Option in vendor 3.Booking details when changing the customer payment status there is no option to save

Feature Request 1.User Booking for event upload there profile pic ?? 2.User Sigunup and login with social media ??

1.not able to update profile pic 2.not able to update payment mode online or offline

Do the PDF entries have a QR code to verify that the entry is valid?

Please connect our support team support@himanshusofttech.com

Cannot login with your provided admin credentials.!

Please connect our support team support@himanshusofttech.com

Is it possible to limit the bookings only to registered wordpress users?

It’s not a wp script

Is the BEST on CodeCanyon ” codeigniter ” Event Manager !!

yes its the best

hello i find your script interesting …. i have some questions please 1> is it responsive to Mobile views? 2> how can a desired online card payment gateway be added ( paypal not favorable in region) 3> i tried offline payment for booking an event on the demo, i noticed i received the my booking number without payment 4> is the view adjustable (boxed / wide) 5> is there space for ads code, paid ads banners 6> can sms notification be added for event owner and event Booker 7> can the currency be changed ? thanks

(1) Yes it is responsive to mobile view. (2)We have to do custom code for your desired payment gateway with certain budget. (3)Yes you received booking number without payment but that number has payment status pending. (4)The view of this script is wide view. (5)You can make space for ads by little bit customization according to your need. (6)We have to do custom code for sms notification with certain budget. (7)Yes currency can be changed.

can I have one event with different ticket price ? like normal and vip ?

yes you can

Yes you can with little bit customization. If you cant, we can do it for you with a certain budget.This time there is only single type of ticket with single price for every event.

how can i change language?? is there any file for set language to different one?

Hello bahadirk

No,we don’t have any options to change the language from the Admin Area, if you want you can do that by editing the PHP files.


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got the script. tried installing it on xampp. having error

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: D:/xampp/htdocs/events/system/database/DB_driver.php

Line Number: 436

when change line 26 of config.php file to $config[‘base_url’]= ‘http://'localhost'/events';

i refresh. that error disappear leaving me with a blank screen


Dayce79 Purchased

offcvourse boss. I did that already. had to fill in details in databse.php file and the config file as the doc said, i did all that and cant see any reason why it Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings,, Like I said i am installing in Xampp.(local server)


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Think the problem was the name of my database, maybe it was too long as i had it as “eventmanegemnt”. now I created a database with name “event” and this worked.

can i see demo cos ur demo is not working.

It’s live now


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heya boss, I am having problems to log in as an admin> says invalid credentials. on local host … localhost/events/eventadmin is the url to asdmin lign as I install the script in a folder events in htdoc, using the credetions for admin on the doc, i cannot log in


Dayce79 Purchased

You really need to update your documentation, sometimes it makes people waste a whole lot of time on some things you obmit… your documentations says credentials for admin login are Credentials for admin login :

User Email : event@admin.com Password : *

The actual admin email in the database eci_admin_email table is admin@event.com

Hello , due to Diwali festival team is off till Sunday we will revert you on Monday

hi,if my vendors select Commission based plan.how can i know .their Commission.i couldnt see any calculator or informer for this.i have to find event vendor and check his plan if plan Commission based then i calculate his Commission .is there any quick solution .can i learn easyly vendors Commissions?

this is free plan not Commission based plan !!! if you dont calculate Commission….

Hei bahadirk, Commission is count based on event not on vendor.

Does this script RTL languages ?

Hello SaidMoulla, No this script does not support RTL languages.

thanks for your relay, what’s your plan in the future about that friend ? Regards!

Hello SaidMoulla, We will add this point of yours in the future update. :)