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Can users display events by “Upcoming” ??

Hi, yes. It will display upcoming events and according to nearby.

Sorted correctly by upcoming date first?

Hi, yes sorted according to upcoming date.

i saw same app for Android i do not see anymore? did you pull out the app or uploading a new one.

It would be expected next week.

is it possible to do a recurring event? i see only start time can we add a end time too?

Hi, it is an end time. Once the event reaches to that date plus one day then the event wont be shown.

Hello, I purchased the app today and need help setting up the server URL. What do I need to do to establish this? The instructions say a username and password is included but I’m not sure what to do with this information. Please assist

Hi, can you send it again. If we did not replied to you it may fall under our spam folder. Our spam folder in our email is automatically deleted once it reached there.

Hello guys, I emailed you regarding adding new events to the app, please get back to me. Thanks!

Hi, yes we replied already.

Is there any demo app on the app store for me to download and test?

Hi, we dont have for iOS. Soon for Android.

any clear indication as to when android version will be available?

It would be next week.

still no android version ??

Hi, we already finished it but due to busy schedule and some modification request we are not able to upload it. We will be uploading it starting next week since we dont have any modification request currently doing. Sorry for the delay. Thank you.

Hi I have 30k events to load. 1. Each event has a postcode. These are uk based events. How can I bulk load them. All the postcodes have been validates in my file. 2. What attributes does the search feature search?

Can I add additional attributes to my event record? What else would need to be amended?

Hi, our app does have its own structure. So if you have 30k events to load we are assuming it has different formats like that it has postcode. We can custom it for you. email us here mangasaurgames@gmail.com

2.) It depends ours search for Title, address, description, etc. In your 30k events assuming it has different format then it needs to adapt in our structure.

3.) you mean additional field? It needs to update the app on this

Great product. I have a couple of comments that might help. For Goolge+ crashing on sign-in there is a step in the documentation that is missing. You also need to update the sign-in URL in the info.plist. The string looks like com.googleusercontent.apps.12345abcd You will find this string along with your Goolge+ API Client ID.

As soon as you release the Android version I will be purchasing.

Hi, we are waiting for approval on the Android version. Yes we will be including that in the documentation.

Cool. My app is now in the App Store, looking forward to the Android version.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Yes. Submitted 5 days ago. Still Queued for review.

Hi, where do I set my server(PHP, MYSQL all installed) details in the xcode project so that it connects to it instead of the default server?

Thanks for the prompt response! Finally I made a wise decision asking you before messing with the code :).

Hi, I believe there is a bug with the pulldown to refresh feature in the category page. It keeps loading infinitely. I tested it on my iPhone and simulator, even with different connections and the problem still exists. Can you please check from your end?

Hi, we will check on it. Thanks for reporting.


In this image https://0.s3.envato.com/files/210787748/SC%20EventFinder%20iOS%201.0/SC-22.png

You Say “Join, Attend, Friends”.

Attend is some thing similar a check in? It means the user can check-in to say he really joined the event at the place? what is the difference bettween Join and Attend function ?

Friends – is there a friend connection in this app? or it is just showing the people who joined the event?

Peace Rafael

Hi, Join means joining an event. It is like the same on facebook like it says “Join, Maybe, Not Going.” but instead we make it as Join only.

Showing only the people who joined the event.

Hi, If we buy both IOS and Android, can you install for us? When would you be updating the IOS version? Great script. Thanks :)

Hi, yes we can install it for you. iOS version is in good build but we might be updating it with minor changes.

Okay thanks, I sent you an email :)

We will check your email.


can you Compatible With wordpress ? like this app https://codecanyon.net/item/city-app-directory-for-android-ios/18129162

also for android ?

can users register and add posts or comments


ohh, one thing ,, does your app support another language ? RTL , ARABIC


and can I make editors users ?

Yes both iOS and Android have a separate backend in the zip but you can use one backend for the both. We did that for buyers who purchase only one platform.

For modification request, email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

Hello, I submitted my app to Apple and they rejected it saying it requires a video showing how the app uses geo location in the background. Can you guys assist me please?

Also, I don’t need the “Latest News” module in the app, how can I delete this? I also emailed you guys regarding my cPanel setup, please get back to me when you can. Thanks guys

Hi we emailed you a reply already.

Hey guys! Please check your email, thank you!


please I’m trying to contact you many times :( do you have Skype account ?

please add me, its same my username here


Hi, ok please wait we will add you.

Great app, some question though.

- Is there a normal register option? I mean, users are able to register via email and password.

- Is that possible to the user follow another user in order to keep connected to that user’s events?



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See you can only set an event day.

What do you do if an event is from Monday to Wednesday? Many events are more than 1 day how to handle them?

If this app can only control events that are 1 day, it is useless. It gives a big limitation on what events you can create.


nesbi90 Purchased


Events are added according to a ccertain day.


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Hi, can users register with email? Thanks

Hi, only social login.

Hi, Please check your email regarding the app rejection and what apple is asking for. Thank you.

Yes, we replied you already.

What language this app made of? Swift or Objective-C

Hi, its objective C.

can you update this to use data from my wordpress site ? not your php ?

it is bundled in our PHP backend. You can then customized it to us so that it will call your wordpress site. Email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com