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Hey there, Apple keeps rejecting my app because of the location service in the backend.. I already have called with them to tell them I need the location service for the app but they say it need to be optional not required.. What can I do?

Hi email us here and we will help you

Your problem is very easy. You just dont write detailed explanation on it.

I’m having a issue with the social login:

I change FacebookAppID: I get “Login error “

Twitter: CredStore – performQuery – Error copying matching creds. Error=-25300, query={ class = inet; “m_Limit” = “m_LimitAll”; ptcl = htps; “r_Attributes” = 1; sdmn = “”; srvr = “”; sync = syna; }

I found the solution to facebook error “Network Error: Error encountered during sign up” FIX 1. In the info.plist – Exception Domains -> Facebook -> NSExceptionRequiresForwardSecrecy – NO (Change to YES)

- Still getting “Network Error: Error encountered during sign up” in the profile page after clicking the UPDATE button

Xcode debug: Reachability Flag Status: R -- networkStatusForFlags Reachability Flag Status: R -- networkStatusForFlags Expected status code in (200-299), got 404

Can you email us your URL here

We will check it.

It’s Good, i need to take ios / android and the same not event but maketplace ios / android

Yes, you can use Item Finder if you wish to sell food but we dont know how will your features would look like. So we recommend you to email us and we will discuss your feature. Item Finder is for items only. Food is different or if you intend to sell one food at a time then it suits.

Hey I bought the template and would like to know the difficulty level intergrating a custom Stripe API payment system? Is it possible?

Possible but you need to have programming skills to do it.

can this ios version share same PHP backend with android version? I mean can a PHP backend be used for both iOS and android version?

Both iOS and Android works with 1 backend.