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Hi, 2 questions:

1 – Here (http://codecanyon.net/item/event-finder-full-ios-application-10/13767047?s_rank=1) if my facebook friends are registered in a specific event can I only see who is going, and not whole list of the app users?

2 – Any update on ETA for Android version?



1.) you can sell all users going.

2.) It was extended from last week of march to 2nd week of april because of the problems we encountered in our working schedule.

Hi thanks for the answer, but not clear still, when you say all users going, will my friends appear first?

Thank you

Hi, yes it will appear but the order of apperance is when does the user decided to joined. so it is ordered according to joined date/time.

Is there a way to change the initial zoom level on the map and restrict it to a certain city rather than locating the user initially?

Use this,

CLLocationCoordinate2D coords =CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(LAT,LON);
    [[mapView mapView] setCenterCoordinate:coords animated:YES];

Where do i put that? And where would i enter the longitude and latitude?

this depends you can put that after the map is loaded. the LAT, LON values are the coordinates you wish to make the map centered to.

also how do you change the product name?

HI, renaming is crucial and it needs further understanding in the build settings. The easiest way is to change the bundle identifier and the name of the app go to Info.plist > Bundle Name

So just replace this ${PRODUCT_NAME} with my product name? Do i put my product name in the brackets or just replace the whole thing?

replace the whole thing. from this ${PRODUCT_NAME} to this MY PRODUCT NAME

Lastly, ive installed the PHP backend and its working. I can see all the new categories ive added but it wont display any of the events. Any ideas why this is? And ive noticed that when you change your search radius it doesnt remember the setting and theres no way to save it.

ive tried this and it still doesnt work…

Try altering the coordinates of the event and placed it near to you. It might be far from the radius it is fetching.

its still not working, i put the map pin right on top of my location and the event set for 2 days time. Its not working.

Hi, I like this. What I want for this app, is for only administrator is allowed to create events. Users can see them and say if they are going, If you have said you’re going you can see in your ‘events list’ and if you click you see everyone else who is going. After that, maybe you can send someone a message or chat. Is it possible?

Ok thank you. I have sent you an email

Hi, we think we have replied you already in email.

Hi, no reaction yet. Only a message that I should email you to mangasaurgames@gmail.com for modification requests

So the app just isnt showing the events. Ive tried adding through the backend, they dont show, no matter the location or time of event. I then registered for the app through twitter and that worked and let me submit an event but when you create an event from the app it wont sync the event image (it also doesnt work when you try to add it to the event from the backend). Also, ive followed your facebook instructions and it says Login Error Invalid Access. Google+ also crashes the app when you try to use that. I followed those instructions correctly too. Theres a lot of little errors which id like your help with. Do you have skype so we can look at it in real time?

OK so the images are now showing and so are the events you post from within the app. They are still not working from the backend. The Facebook and Google+ login are still issues. Also i noticed someone else ask about email registration? How long would it take you to implement this? Lastly, can we have it so when they click directions it opens apple maps and not google?

Hi, have you checked the ROOT_URL in the Config.php if it ends with backslash?

const ROOT_URL = "http://mysite.com/eventfinder/";

We purposely not include the web login on this project.

For the Maps, yes you can change the Google Maps into Apple Maps using URL Schemes.

when android version release ?

Will let you know once it is ready for publishing.

cant wait for the android version, when do you think you will have it ready

Hi, it will be hopefully published next month since our busy days will end this month.

hello my friend any ideas for android app i m really interested to buy for ios & android? :)

Thanks. No problem.

I forgot to ask you when the update of store finder (android version) is gonna be available?

as soon as possible. It would be around last week of this month or first week of May. All our apps will be updated specially on the performance


Timmey Purchased

Hi MGAppclerator! I recently purchased the APP. I set everything up like you mention in the Install Guide. I focus 2 Problems, the Login is not working with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus crashes. I set up the App in Facebook which works well for other APPS, but this time I get the Message “You are not logged in” – I am logged in Safari on the IOS and in the App. Twitter says Invalid Access. Haven’t had these Issues. Any help is appreciated. May be it would great if you can post the set up for the Facebook app right here. Does it use the AppKit? Best regards, Timmey


Timmey Purchased

Okay – All right – it was the trailing www missing in the app and defined in the config.php sometimes it helps writing about it ;)


Timmey Purchased

Still can not upload Images to the upload_pic folder

Have you checked the upload_pic folder file permission? Also in the ROOT_URL in the Config.php, does it ends a backslash?

For example


When Will the Android version release thank you.

We are finalizing. First release would be Deal Finder Android Version then Event Finder.

Hi, I am also interested in the customisation you did for jordi1206 6 months ago

I have bought it, unfortunately, people cannot register without facebook, twitter of google+. It would be amazing if people could register for this service without need of a social network.

Could you include this option in a future release?

We are considering your request.


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I am having a issue getting events to list in the Json from the rest response, it just always list the {result_count”:[]}

However there is over 500 events in the database with locations and dates near by.

Hi, can you share us your server url via email?


sheets Purchased

Yeah, whats the best email?

Hey can you create it for Android too please ?

Hi yes, we have already uploaded RealEstate for Android and next week will be the CarFinder, after that Event Finder and Deal Finder for Android. Basically 4 Android version per week.

Hello, i think great feature will be share by whatsapp.
When the android version will ready im going to buy both app, i been waiting a long for both app
Congratulations, very good products!

Hi, sure we can always open for suggestion. Android version will be uploaded asap.


For when and provided an update of this application as the location of advertisements and perfect and always remains in the background even when the app is not in use, and the recording mode is only via Twitter and Google and Facebook send in chasc App.

Hi, can you elaborate what you said? We seems we cannot understand it well.

For when and provided an update of this application? The location of ads is not perfect, the location is always in the background, even when the app is not in use, the recording mode only takes place via Twitter! Instead registration through Google and Facebook send chasc in the App.

Hi, ads are located always below. For location that is ok because when you put the app in background it will stop acquiring location updates also because we did not use any background modes on it. Also what you mean recording? Did you mean Facebook login not working and Google?

You need to create a Facebook App for both. Do not use the same Facebook app across multiple apps.

For Google you need to create iOS key in order to work.

Hi Guys, A couple of questions.

1. Do you have an expected date for the Android release?

2. There is coding in the app which show if a user is Going, interested, or invited to an event, but it only shows if someone is going. There doesn’t seem to be an option to mark as interested or an option to invite?

3. When uploading to the app store, i needed to enter the permission to access the calendar in info.plists this makes me think the coding is also there to add the event to your calendar but it’s not yet implemented, there is no button to do this.

Can you provide the instructions on what needs doing to make the above options work, or can you release an update with these function built it.


We are still finishing our new iOS app then we will release after the Android version for Deal and Event Finder.

Hi any update for the Andriod version?

Hi i have store finder i want to integrate this to that app? is it possible

Yes, this is possible but needs code modification.

Hi, are users able to submit events through the app?

Is it updated for the latest version of Xcode and iOS 10?

Hi, yes. Project settings uses XCode 8 and iOS 10

Ok great, thanks

how much longer before you release android version

Hi it is scheduled to be release this month. We got busy due in the past weeks.