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This event timer looks great. Is there any way to see a demo of what it looks like when the counter reaches 0?


Thank you for your purchase of the Event Count Down jQuery plugin. Yes, the plugin is still being supported. Are you experiancing an issue with the plugin?

I sent you an email with an attached screen shot of what the Event count down looks like when the event date has been reached.

I hope this helps.



I’m interested in buying this item, just have a couple of questions

- Can it not show Days, just Hours, Minutes and Seconds? - Can it just use a still image for the background? - Is it simple to change up? (I plan to change it everyday) - Can you show me what it looks like when the event ends?


Thank for your interest in my countdown. Currently the countdown uses images such as .jpg and .png. It can use just one single image as a background. The images are loaded with a xml file. The full countdown is always displayed until it reaches the countdown time. Then the countdown is removed and a message replaces it in the gray box. You can customize the text message displayed. Hope this answers your questions.

can you add multiple events?

You can add multiple Event Countdowns to a page. However each instance would be unique.

Can I specify actual hour on the date I am counting down to?

Can the background images be a different size to the one in the demo? I would be using smaller images, about the width of the countdown info window overlay.

Hello – I just bought your great countdown, looks great in mozilla and on safari, but layout breaks in explorer 8 and 9 for me – am I mising something?

I would be happy to take a look at your page. Send me a url or screen shot of the issue and I will get back to you.

Hi This countdown is great, but I am having an issue with the message once the countdown is complete

What is your issue? Email me at

I will send you an updated plugin what email should. I send it to?

What size of the images that are in the file?

Hello I purchased the script and it’s working great. Together with the english version I need to use an italian version where the words “seconds, hours, day, years” are translated. I tried to understand which fields to edit into the xml files but I didn’t figure it out. Could you help me please telling me which can of fields should I edit?

Manu thanks Stefano

Currently the labels are not apart of the xml. They are static content in the html Hours


I am of great interest on your plug in howeever I have some concerns:

Does it lag to clients browser? Because I can see some timer lags 1-2 seconds or even minutes on different browsers on different clients. Does it measure network lag and cater for it in the browser? I want to have a countdown as perfect as possible for our clients. I want all clients has same countdown time as possible.

Hoping for your response. Thank you

was looking over the info I got with this and seen there is no time settings for events the count down only go to day as most events need the countdown to the time the event starts like at 2pm GMT is there any way to get update to this?