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Pre-purchase Q:

Is it possible to hide past events? And PLEASE, don’t tell me, I can delete them, it’s not what I want to know.

and If it doesn’s support hiding past events, are you going to implement this?

Is it possible to show days name i.e Monday, Tuesday …. next to date i.e 1 January, 5 February

Want like this 1 Thursday, 2 Monday

when I go through the plugin coding I could not figure out because it gets input from the javascript’s datepicker

is it anyway possible to weekly calendar update ?

Hi, did your plugin support arabic language? tnx

Where can I change / translate the “No events found” line ? It’s not in the mo / po files

By the way you wrote that you will implement the feature to get events for the current date. When is this about to come?? I’d really need that.


I would love to show eventy by name and not by date. Giving a name for a date range and show something like “day one, day two…” in timeline. Is that possible?

Sorry, this is not possible.

Hi, just purchased your plugin. I was looking for a simple event plugin.
The design, and the fact that it’s a lightweight plugin are cool but… i didn’t expect to have the following problems :
1. It doen’t display the current date (eg. if you have an event in 2016, it will be showed instead of 2015)
2. It display the past date… i know i can delete from admin, but these are very elementary features for a calendar plugin.
As this, i’m unable to use the plugin… :( can you advice ? Thanks and sorry for my english ++

hmmm… be patient ;)

The solution is, we need to implement post expire plugin. Also you can try this:

Hi, Lovely plugin I had a few pre sale questions. Can I show the day too like 1 jan Monday or something like that. Does it create a custom post type called event? Can we limit the dates to the selected month? And lastly can I add any thing I want to the event page like shortcodes etc. Thats all thanks :) Looking forward to the reply.

Yes, there is default date function so you can embed any date. Yes, it creates custom post type called event. Yes, the plugin is powered by shortcodes.

?hi! im looking for a plugin which i could add playlist of youtube videos in a specific hour and day . This display i want it to be automathic in which the user doesnt have to press the start buttom. it is possible with your plugin? Thank you


I just bought your event-calender-plugin. I followed the steps from the installation guide and created a sample event. I cannot see any Events on my website. I can only see the top bar where you should be able to choose the year and month and it says: “NaN” and “undefined” as you can see on this screenshot:

best regards Oliver Holz

Which shortcode you using? Can you give me your site URL by message?

Hi, first, I think your plugin is awesome, I used it on a webpage of friends of mine and it works very good, but we have 2 problems and I wanted to ask if you could help us:

The website is

The problems are: 1. The days of the events in the date slider start from January, and not from the current month, and in order to go to the events of the current month you have to use the slider. Which of course is annoying, especially when there are so many events.

2. Can we setup the calendar to display the events weekly and not monthly, because there are too many events.

Thank you very much in advance, Anna

Thanks. Seeing a problem & it is showing vertical scrollbar on event detail. Please use this CSS

div.jflatTimeline .timeline-wrap .event > div { display: block; }

This will fix the vertical scrollbar.

1. I will check this & get back to you. 2. Sorry this plugin only supports weekly events. I will check too if there is a solution.

Hello, I have a problem with the use of the Event Calendar. It is very important for the use of the calendar that the events start from the current month, and not from January and I cannot understand how to set up the calendar this way. The second problem that I have is that I want when an arrow is clicked the Event calendar to move not with 1 Event, but to show the next 7 events. Is there a way to do that? The problem is that there are too many events and the calendar in this form is almost unusable.

Thank you very much in advance, Anna

You can set default date on plugin shortcode. Also use sticky event for highlight an event.

Is this plugin compatible with the Directory Portal Wordpress Theme

I don’t understand the Example #2 – can you help me? You don’t upgrade for today view?

Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you

Hi there!

I need help to fix the css of this plugin with my theme.

Please check:

The only thing input there is a [events] with any customization.


I am looking to possibly buy your plug in and would like to make sure it does the majority of what I need. Please confirm the following. Also if there are other add on’s I will need to accomplish my goals please let me know which ones and what the cost of them is.

I need a booking tool for a sports club

Need to be able to define multiple different home teams each with their own calendar.

We a master scheduler role to schedule events about 1 hour long with 10 minute breaks in-between

Need to schedule events for 2 home venues and multiple different away venues

Need to be able to have multiple types of events. Games, Practice, gym, etc.

Need each team calendar to have their own ICS feed for the parents to keep their phones synched to their team’s schedule

Need to be able to email or SMS a whole team when they have a schedule change.

Need a responsive interface for scheduling from a pc or a phone.

Need team managers to be able to make changes in only their teams schedule

Would like to be able to email or send SMS alert if one of the home venue slots is not scheduled and is about to go unused.

Would like to be able to connect to external ICS feeds to sync in other calendars from other sites.

Would like to be able to have ad on fields for other options to specify when creating an event.

Please let me know which pieces your plugin is able to do and which pieces it is not able to do.

What tag/coding do you use to put a video into a post? I tried pasting the youtube video link into the description but all it did was appear as text. Thanks.

OK – was able to put video up with iframe tag from youtube by using the share button to get code and it worked BUT…

This ONLY WORKED if the event was the last one displayed. If any other event was added PAST THAT DATE (with the video included) then the video collapsed into like a half inch tall making it useless,

ALSO: How do you remove the tagline “Late night event!” as it appears ON EVERY event added and have to remember to remove it. Thanks for the help – other than these seems to be working great!

hi, i have one questions why can not I see there is no date ?