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does not send notification email after payment through paypal. I get this error : cURL error: [35] error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure How can I risovere?

Thank you

How can I activate the book now button on each event? I have set up PayPal and turned PayPal on for each event, but still do not see the Book Now button.

Buyer’s badge please?

Do you mean purchase code?

O wish to purchase this plugin. Is it possible to setup an event without using the Forms Manager add on?

Yes it is!

Sorry, accident. Please delete. :)


I get some exceptions when running this nice and handy plugin together with template Rosa. Problem is caused by some calls from helpers.js. Consequence is, mousescroll does not work :(

Seems like when I comment out the content of helpers.js the problems are gone. Question: what might be the side effect of lack of helpers.js? Could you please support with this issue?

Thanks in advance Agata


No side-effects : Helper.js includes a library that might be used by another plugin on your website. So including it twice is causing the problem.

Note: We will be removing this library soon from the plugin. A couple of people have this problem.

Hi Moe,

I bought the payment module from you. I bought this 3 months ago and it’s still not working! I want my money back or the payment extension must work! How are we going to fix this!?


wdenz Purchased

Hi Moe! We have implemented the Uniteller gateway and there is a problem with status update. I sent you the technical documentation yesterday. Please confirm that you have received it since there is evidently some problem with emails. Looking forward to hearing from you and hope to solve the status update problem ASAP.


I will reply to you within 24 hours!

Hi Moe! Have you received the access info we sent you on Sunday? Please let us know ASAP where we stand on the status update issue.


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Urgent: My Paypal Transactions are not completing! I keeping getting the error; “Things don’t appear to be working…”

Please see this link that describes my issue exactly and apparently also provides the solution. https://www.paypal-knowledge.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=FAQ2067


Make sure you do not have a space infront of your paypal email.


Having exact same problems with PayPal: Urgent: My Paypal Transactions are not completing! I keeping getting the error message; “Things don’t appear to be working…”

I’ve emailed asking Moe for help- with no contact…I don’t think this is a requirement of having paid for support – it’s just a requirement that the plugin actually works with the updates that PayPal have made to their transaction process…

Please make sure that there is no space infront of the email that you are using for paypal’s settings in Settings > Paypal > PayPal Account


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Moe is it possible to try the view by week addon to see if it works with my layout before purchasing?


ngg71 Purchased

Moe, I have two problems with the plugin on my new site:

First, when I click on the BOOK button, the page goes all the way up and displays the form, so user will loose placement if he closes the box. The overlay color doesnt seem to be working. and the default pop up inner background color shows a transparent color.

Second, I want to display the date for the event as a calendar date vector. I am doing it manually on my new site right now, but would like to have it automatically for the next upcoming date.


1) please make sure you have a valid support license and we are happy to take a look at your website to see why this jump is happening.


Pre-Sales Question:

Are we able to provide a discount to a customer when they book to attend multiple events?

We have coupons. But we do not have a system that will send someone coupons based on conditions.

Hi there – is there any way of setting up automatic updates for this plugin to my client’s site? Thanks so much!

Also – do you have a Stripe payment add on facility?