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jenand1 Purchased

Hi, I am having some troubles with email. Im hosting my email with rackspace and all the information is correct, however i get this error when i try the test email function: “Exception Error: SMTP connect() failed. “

Do you have a fix for this?



Did you send a support email ?


ngg71 Purchased

Anyone who purchased this and other plugins… any suggestion on an alternate event plugin? I undesrtand this plugin is going to get no more support. Thanks


We know that we had some problems with slow support. This is why starting April 10th we will have someone dedicated taking care of support

interested, tested, but demo not working on mobile and small sized browser windows – the overlay after clicking “Book now” is not working, just the green background with no input fields and those things … bummer! desktop view is working fine though. Can you have a look, Moe? Thank you!

The demo was down. I fixed that..

Hi I apologize if it’s already been asked, I can’t find the answer anywhere or in the settings of the plugin. Is there a way to have events automatically be removed from the events list when they have passed? For example, my event was on Feb 20th and it is still showing up the ‘events list page’ see my screenshot: https://drive.google.com/a/directive.com/uc?id=1HWQ1HXUefrhZpPq0HDDBY15h6lugwR3Q I know I can deactivate it, but I wanted to know if it’s possible for this to happen automatically for my site. Thanks!

Is it possible to get an answer to this question please? Thanks!

Hi, You can show only upcoming events! Check this page and the options: http://iplusstd.com/item/eventBookingPro/example/eventslist/

Use [eventslist events=”upcoming”]

Hello, can i change the color green to another color, is it compatible with other themes? and by buying the plugin can i have the option for peoples to buy events, or do i need an add on??

Yes, All doable via the settings page.


JOS0024 Purchased

Hello, are you having any support ? I sent several emails without any response since few days! All new event created or modifications to any existing event is not saved ! As if the plugin is freeze !!!! Also i do not receive email notification from the system or from paypal when payment is done !!! Only receive notification when offline payment is chosen ! This plugin really match to need, please correct the above else i urgently need a new booking system i have many sales not coming through because i cannot create new classes..

Please assist !


rok1975 Purchased

Hi, actually the subject of the emails are showing an UTF8 error (german letters ä,ö,ü are corrupted). I cant find any option in the settings. The setting for UTF8 is active. Which changes should be done for fixing it (is a change in the database required (how could it be done?)) or is there another possibility? Best Regards, Tobias

Hello, I purchased this plugin along with your user addon plugin. I tried emailing you several times and haven’t received a response. Where are the settings for requiring a user to login to register for an event? Also, the shortcodes are not working.


It is in the readme sent with the Users addon!



campru Purchased

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I replied to your email!


raxfactor Purchased

Hi, I purchased the plugin yesterday. The email is not working. When I send test email it’s receiving. But when a customer makes a booking neither the customer or admin receives email. Please reply fast. thanks