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Sanacea Purchased

I have the same problem that many of here, when you save the form fields disappear and remains empty, there is only the name of the form, but any field.I have an upcoming event and need help with this. Thanks.

Please update to new version.

Hi Moe, can you urgently send the latest Stripe Payment gateway plugin with instructions to install? Paypal payment ID was 44F84021WE520245C

Hi support i’m not sure if this system can allow event creator(vendor) to create their own events? That means there will are 3 different types of login accounts: 1. Super admin 2. Event creator(vendor) 3. Member(to book the event)


It is possible. You can create this type of user and grant him access to the admin page.


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A couple of bugs with the forms:


If you edit a booking that has collected extra data through forms (eg: address, city, postcode) when you finish editing and save the booking all of the page breaks are stripped out – so your data is put in a single line with no page breaks or spaces.

Please consider fixing in future releases. I have to manually add
to each end of line on EVERY edit.


Static Text fields do not accept HTML links. I got around this by adding my links directly to the table through phpMyAdmin – but if I open and save through EBP the field is deleted.

Thanks for considering.


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I have tired setting up with the form. when I save the form fields disappear and remains empty, there is only the name of the form, but any field.I have an upcoming event and need help with this.


We replied to your email 24 hours ago. Lets take it from there


ngg71 Purchased

I have three questions: 1) can fields be 1/3 instead of full or 1/2? 2) Is it possible to have email field be 1/2 3) how do i make coupon field be 1/2 size ? too much space for one single line


1): We only support 1/2.

2) Yes

3) This is now a css property. You can set the width explicitly.



ngg71 Purchased

Many of My clients complain they dont see the options for tickets . How can I make it so that the options automatically drop down upon entering form or make them radio buttons instead of drop down

After the book now button is pressed my form background is transparent so it mixes with my site and can’t read any of it. How to i change it to a solid background colour?

Send us a support email and we will help you.


Hi MoeHaydar, Did you ever integrate a captcha? My client is getting a lot of spambots. Any suggestions on how to integrate some kind of protection?

Hi, Currently this can only be done with manual integration

Can the plugin enable participant of a seminar to register online with a unique code or token given to them to register online and also allowing the code/token be used once by each participant of the seminar.


You can use coupons for that yes.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you have the coupon features within the plugin? Can the registration be done only through the use of the coupon?...To the extent that if a participant doesn’t have the coupon, they cannot register for the event.

Yes, coupons is in the main plugin> No, coupon is something extra and does not block the event from being booked.

Hello, when using Extra Forms you do not see the top of the form. It is hidden behind the menu. If you use the default form it looks fine. Any solution?

Can you send a support request with a link so we can help you.

Also make sure you are using EBP 3.815