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Hi there,

I was about to order your event calendar which I also needed to add extra custom paid fields. I notice now instead of $30 I need to spend on another two plugins to do this? ($54)

So I need the plugin, then I need the forms extra and then I need forms extra, extra… what next extra, extra, extra?

Why not just make the best extension of the marketplace and combine them?

This should not be allowed and I will be contacting Envato regarding this matter.

shame, plugin looked great until i saw all the extras.


Actually this is an addon we just released because many people requested it and they said they will pay for such a feature.

I can assure you that regarding forms this is the last extension. If we will add features it will be for free.

The extras are features that only fee people need. We had 2 options we combine all together and sell this for $50 or split them and sell the plugin for $30 and add the rest as plugins..

Hi Moe I am considering purchasing Payment Addon. I am considering using Stripe.

Are their any advantages using different payment gateways over paypal?

My primary concerns are managing refunds and customers needing a Paypal account.

Can youy please advise?

Thank you

We already have Stripe addon developed (we sell that separately)

We have a refund mechanism in place.

Moe, where do i buy this addon? On the Addons section for Payment Gateway i do not see price.

Email me via my profile page.

Dear Moe,

Today I have purchased Event Booking Pro plus the Forms extra add on. I have uploaded both as plugins and have begun to enter my events nicely.

Both plugins are activated however the Forms add on is not active on the available add ons tab in the plugin page.

I am being invited to view and buy now or enable the add on, however the enable the add on option is not clickable nor can I find any way to activate it. To reiterate, the add on is active in the plug in area, I just cannot make it work on the main platform.

Thanks in advance


Is the Forms manager viewable as a submenu in the admin area ? Can you use it..

If not send me access and i can check it

Hi, I bought the form manager and I notice when I add a field, the field label doesn’t show: <- that empty space is supposed to say ‘Phone Number’ but it is blank

Hi Moe,

Is there any way to carry this extra information over to the email the buyer receives please? So for example you sell a ticket for an event but at that event they want to attend has additional workshops… it possible to have the email which is sent to them include this information.

You can view our page here….

Everything records in our database but would really like for buyer’s to receieve an email confirming which add on workshops they have booked.

Thanks again for your help! Roger

Please ignore this request, I have worked it out….

For anybody wondering just add this code to your buyer’s email…

Extra Fields:    %  allExtraFields  %

Ignore the spaces :)

Thanks Roger

Hi Moehaydar, We are still waitin for your reply regarding -

I added this extension, and added a payment check box to my form, but it is still not adding on to the total. This is a form I have already created and edited. I can’t delete it because there are already bookings. Any suggestions as to why this isn’t working?

Never mind. I figured it out.


Where in the source code (event.php) can I set paypal button to always be ON.

I give free ticket but charge for other services at event (e.g. lunch). When I make the ticket cost ZERO 0 paypal button disappears even though I have other fee options and the total price increases.

Hello I recently bought this plugin, is there an option to have only a certain amount of a certain available fee-able option for example. I need to have different dorms with only so many available. Thanks

Hello, How to duplicate fields? Thanks

Their a checkbox in the field’s settings

Hi, when I check the “duplicate” box, additional fields are created as I add additional amounts. The problem is: when they register to the event what they write in these fields do not appear in the “view booking”. Is there any solution to this?


They should appear in the extra column. Please make sure you are uptodate with your plugins. Forms Manager and Event Booking Pro.


hello, please does this plugin allow custom date and time picker for customers?

Purchased Event Booking Pro: Forms Extra Add on & Event Booking Pro : Gift Card Addon added both to wordpress, activated but they dont show in the extension as active or work?!!!

Are u sure ? Please send us a support email wth access and we can check


Hi, I’ve just bought this (Forms Extra Add On), installed it and activated it, but EBP still shows it as not active. Any thoughts?

I am having the same issue. The developer has been unresponsive if anyone has a working copy or a solution please let me know

So I got the forms to work. The developer poorly labeled these add-ons. You first need the forms manager before this forms extra will work. DO NOT buy this with out the forms manager first. However we have been trying to get support for these products for over a month and no reply so buy at your own risk


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