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I am facing the same issue as guoqiang2, the qr scanner shows simple string like https2FN.A. after the scanning the qr code sent to buyer email with a regular qr scanning app.

How to use this QR functionality properly using cell phone and make a check In. please explain?

Event Booking Pro-Version 3.461 | Event Booking Pro: Analytics Addon-Version 0.1

Strange, send me wp-access so i can test and fix

mail sent with all the details and wp-access!

How to add qr code ?

use the keywod booking_QR_Code

I’m having the same problem with the QR Code to other buyers.

In the email that is sent to the user after registration, the QR code to be scanned displays only http2F5.

Did you send from via the contact form here under the username “diegofvg” ?

Did we reply?

I cant seem to find a ticket under your username

Yes, it’s me. My user is diegofvg. I sent you a ticket for support form and also by discussion. In the contact form, I sent you the login and password to access the site administrator panel and check if anything is wrong. I await your feedback. Thank you.

what is your email, I cant find ticket with username: diegofvg

Hey! Thanks for making this plugin, which is awesome and saved me a ton of time. The only issue is that, like other buyers, the QR code is not working at all. It sends me to http2F or something like that. I submitted a contact form last week, but haven’t heard back. Could you help me out please? Thanks!

We tested it and it is working, can you try again.. I did change something small (removed an extra space) but shouldnt be a bug.

When I export into CSV, is there any easy way to parse out the “details” information into columns?

Nvm, figured it out. Just prefixed a semi-colon to the names in the form.

Like others, I am getting the https2FN.A. problem. Running version 0.1 downloaded recently.

Please send me an email and ill check it.

Email was sent on 30th Oct – any news?

No ticket from spencermc!

I having the same problem as everyone else. ” qr scanner shows simple string like https2F” I have 3.45 and Addon is 0.1. Is there an easy answer that I can fix this?

I should mention that I’m worried about upgrading, as I had a developer streamline the checkout process so there are less clicks and change the default checkout form.


Send me an email and ill check it directly on your plugin.

Moe, It’s been two weeks and I still can’t launch ticket sales. I’ve tried to email you multiple times. I really would like use your system and not have switch over to launch. Could you please fix the QR please! I already upgraded to the newest and it still isn’t working. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for this great plugin, much better than our last system We have having a few issues with the plugin, could you please assist.

Background info: We do not upload using ftp, we manage our site directly from our wordpress account. The plugin was uploaded from there. The majority of our buyers use paypal when purchasing tickets.

1: Buyers are NOT seeing a ‘success pop up window’ after purchase.

2: Buyers are NOT receiving a ‘success email’ which contains the ID we need for the check-in process addon. Buyers DO receive an paypal email with details of their transaction

I have all tried all EMAIL MODES (SMTP does not work for us) and switching on /off ‘SSL v3’ but have been unsuccessful.

An hasty response would be appreciated

Thank you and kind regards


Have responded via replying to the email. Has there been any progress regarding the issue?

Hi Moe / support team

Can you please reply to our issue, it is still not resolved despite your instructions (see this email thread)




Hi Moehaydar, when can we expect your response? Thanks!

hello guys i need help please let me know if you fixed the problem ASP

send us a support ticket please

Plugin is not activated correctly! Deactivating the plugin and reactivating it to fix the problem! i get this error in multisite WP and how do i use the qr codes?

I really need to know how to use the QR codes please make a tutorial or send me a email please ASP

i did used the short codes but now the client when gets the code and scan it get nothing but: http2F10

we replied to your emails.


I have a client who wants a website with a booking plugin. They have a low budget, so I am trying to find out if it’s possible to solve this problem.

They want the following: - Should be able to book for 1-12 people. The price should vary in how many they are.

- Should be able to book within a specific times on specific dates. E.g. Only between 08:00-21:00. Not Wednesday, but the rest of week. And so on.

- The price should vary on when the booking is done. E.g: Before 16:00 should be cheeper.

Could this be done with this plugin?

Best regards

Hi there, Prepurchase question for you.

I am dealing with a wedding DJ, and he would like to be able to show dates marked as available or not available that he can set on backend. They don’t have venues as that will be up to his client. He does not need to accept $ through the system, as that will be worked out elsewhere.

I am looking for one ‘odd’ feature though. I want the user to enter a form where they ask for the date (instead of seeing the calendar). If date is booked, they go to page a (which will show other links to people who may not be booked). If date is not booked, they will go to page b where they can fill out a form to submit a quote request. Are you able to do that with this plugin?

The requested feature doesnt seem to be possible with the current plugin. You want the customer to enter a date manually and then the system validates this date to see if it is booked or not, right ?

How do I edit a booking?

When viewing the booking, scroll to the right and press on edit button!

Got it. Thanks.

We’ve installed this Analytics & Checkin Addon but can’t see an option of QR Codes… please help

The option is by default enabled. Use the keyword in the email templalte.



campru Purchased

I really love this plugin but the ability to add reminder emails and post event emails would be a great additional plugin. Is there any chance that you could take my feedback on board and develop something in the near future. I’m sure that this would benefit people.


campru Purchased

I have a client that is screaming for reminder and post event emails, do you do custom coding at all?


We took your feedback into consideration. You are free to email us and we can inform you about our opinion regarding that.


I have a few questions regarding the QR Code scanner software. 1) Where can I find a list of compatible QR Scan applications and 2) how do I go about integrating that with the EBPro backend? Also, wha is the difference in functionality between the QR Code add-on and the bar code add-on. My intent is to be able to scan QR Code of guests at event and automatically check in that user. Based on some of the previous comments, it doesn’t seem like an automated process…does admin have to manually check-in each user?

1) All QR scanners should work.. 2) When u scan the QR code with any app, you will be redirected to the admin checkin page with all info filled up. That is it!

Barcode is a different type of codes that is used by a different type of scanners. I think what you are looking for is the QR code.

Pre Sale Question, Can you add the check in page to the front end ?


mackrides Purchased

Hello MoeHaydar, we are using your plugin on our intranet site. The plugin itselfs works great but the add-on seems to and load forever and is not displaying any content of the bookings. I only got the loading circle on the top of the page and some outlines but no data at all. Is the add-on offline capable? Thanks in advance for your help!


Can you send a support email with access so we can check this.

Also, make sure you are up to date with the addons.