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I think this would be more appealing if have embedded calendar and facebook integration.

I really like this app. I have a few questions though.

How do you update this app’s event? Do you need to edit the source code and then resubmit it to the play store?

Would you be able to customize this app so that it will hold multiple events Also would you be able to customize it so that I would be able to add and update events on a regular basis? Also a way to send messages to the app, like notifications.?

If this is possible, how much would it cost?

Thanks in advance.

Hi jsone909, This app is designed to create a one time event app. It gives a more professional look to your event. Most of the huge professional events have their own app.

Yes, In the file you download there is Java source code which you can modify and upload on Google play. You need eclipse or a similar program to modify the code. If you ever need to create a new event you need to re-modify the code to create a totally new app. It’s more specific and professional this way.

Yes you can send notifications to the finished published app. In the code you need to include a twitter nickname. The app will automatically get all tweets from that user’s wall. So when you need to post news to your published app, just tweet.

If you can’t program it yourself for some reason, I can finish the app for you and give it to you packaged for Google Play (.apk file) for an additional 39euro.

If you need some other specific app or service please pm via the front page.


Got many errors regarding the jar files plus some xml format errors. Think I figured out the xml once but still fighting against jar files.

Errors are: Description Resource Path Location Type The import twitter4j.Status cannot be resolved Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 5 Java Problem The import twitter4j.TwitterException cannot be resolved Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 7 Java Problem The import twitter4j.Twitter cannot be resolved Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 6 Java Problem The import twitter4j.conf.ConfigurationBuilder cannot be resolved Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 9 Java Problem The import twitter4j.TwitterFactory cannot be resolved Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 8 Java Problem ConfigurationBuilder cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 28 Java Problem ConfigurationBuilder cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 28 Java Problem TwitterFactory cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 35 Java Problem Twitter cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 35 Java Problem Status cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 36 Java Problem TwitterFactory cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 35 Java Problem TwitterException cannot be resolved to a type Social.java /EventApp/src/com/YourPackage/EventApp line 49 Java Problem


Solved issue with twitter errors (java libraries).

Now I am getting this error: Description Resource Path Location Type error: Error: String types not allowed (at ‘configChanges’ with value ‘keyboard|keyboardHidden|orientation|screenLayout|uiMode|screenSize|smallestScreenSize’). AndroidManifest.xml /EventApp line 17 Android AAPT Problem

I will try to fix it but if this is something you already know of, please advice.



Hi, That problem most of the times occurs because of the project built target. You need to set the ‘Project build target’ to Android 3.2 or higher. don’t worry you can still run it on older devices.

To change ‘Project build target’ go to ‘Project|properties|Android’ and select the latest API. Mine is Google API 15, if you don’t have it you need to install it in eclipse from ‘Window|Android SDK Manager’.

I would also like to emphasise to load the libraries before editing the project. You need to import:

1) twitter4j-android-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT\lib\twitter4j-core-android-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar (for twitter)

2) GoogleAdMobAdsSdkAndroid-6.0.1\GoogleAdMobAdsSdk-6.0.1.jar (for ads, if you are using the ad version) You need to import them from: ‘EventApp\Librarys you would need’. After importing them go ahead to ‘Order and Export’ and highlight both of them.

Hope this clears some things out. If you need anything else just comment here or pm me via FrontPage.

Thanks, Melvin

Thank you!! it works now (I was using API 7 as target).

Thanks, Eduardo

Also will this app give NOTIFICATION . Before purchasing i want to edit this app can u give us yrs contact email

Hi, You can contact me via pm. My email is however melvin@neurondigital.com.

Notification of the event? no, it has however a built in countdown, that shows time on the event’s welcome screen. I Just updated the app to the latest version of Google maps v2.

regards, Melvin

hello is it possible integrate the events from google calander & facebook EVents? thank you

No, sorry that cant be done. The app only supports twitter news

Hello, Upon attempting to import the project into Android Studio, the following error occurs: ”
 * Project Event App:E:\app\project.properties:
Library reference ..\google_play_services\libproject\google-play-services_lib could not be found
Path is E:\app\..\google_play_services\libproject\google-play-services_lib which resolves to E:\google_play_services\libproject\google-play-services_lib
I tried to go to the SDK manager and installing the google play services, but it appears that shortly not too long ago Google no longer offers it as a downloadable option.

Could you please help me resolve this issue? Please and thank you.

Hi, the google play services is always downloaded with your sdk. It will be in your extras. For me its in: C:\Users\melvin\android-sdks\sdk\extras\google\google_play_services

may we open more events ..I have 50 events in 6 months ?

Hi, I’m afraid this app can only handle one event. You need to create an app for each event with this solution

the app is a single event app. I mean you can use it for multiple events but you would need to customise it a bit depending on your application.

Do you have a demo APK ?

Hi sorry I don’t have any demo.

That’s too bad. i’ll have to pass then.

Hi dear, Can you customize your app to work like Events App Template, Users can submit new events to the app and you can approve them after checking them out , I am looking the android version of this app i will pay you, Thanks in advance! \http://codecanyon.net/item/events-full-ios-78-events-app-template-swift/12360928

Hi, I’m sorry, I’m afraid this app doesn’t support the features you require.

Is this still an active item? Not been updated in 2 years but I would be interested./ Can you also add it on google play for me? Also can you make it an ios app too?

Hi, yes the item is still active. I only code for Android. If you don’t wish to add it to Google play yourself I suggest you get a freelancer to customize it and upload it for you. I’m afraid, I’m currently not offering this service myself.