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Nice first item! Welcome to CodeCanyon :) I wonder if you would consider including an example .muse file (maybe even your demo .muse) so I can better understand how to use this great widget? I find the documentation a bit lacking I’m afraid.

Great! Any chance you could email me a .muse file with some examples? Thanks! themejive@gmail.com

Of course. We´ll send you an mail maybe today or tomorrow.

We have sent you the example file.

I like the user friendly design of this widget. It is complex and powerful but easy to understand. I guess after a while I will get more ideas for use of the widget.

Thanks for your Feedback. We´re happy if you leave us a rating ;)

It’s possible you email me a .muse file with some examples? Thanks!

Sorry thats not possible until you purchased Event Animation. In the Muse file the Widget must be included that you can see what it does. You can preview it under our Live Preview. You can do a lot of great things with this widget without replacing your existing content

Hallo Dennis!

Ich versuche gerade euer Widget einmal praktisch zum Einsatz zu bringen, und zwar in Form einer fixen Seitennavigation. Allerdings stoße ich hier auf Probleme. Setze ich bei OUT die Einstellung auf Hide, wird die OUT Animation nicht angezeigt. Setze ich sie nicht auf Hide, wird das Element von Anfang an angezeigt. Am besten schaut ihr euch einmal die Datei an. Vielen Dank für eine Lösung. Ist sicherlich das im Prerelease-Forum angesprochene Logik-Problem. ;-)

Hallo Marc,

we are looking at your situation. It seems to work but only after the 1st initial. We will get back to you.

Very interesting. It’s possible you email me a .muse file with some examples? Thanks! pedrofrancoy@taudesign.com

Hey taudesign,

we´ve sent you an example .muse file. If you have more questions feel free to contact us!


I purchased your fantastic widget Muse Event Animation.

I started to use it and something works and something not, I don’t know if I have a problem to use it or it doesn’t work very well, for example: I select the Once setting to make the Event trigger only once, but it works like Everytime setting or if I put Hide I can’t see anything and nothing happen later. Specifically, I need an object appear automatically when i scroll down a page (like Fade in or Slide Fade Left) like the object in your example preview page http://preview.xmuse.it/?theme=eventanimation. Can i ask you an help to do that? The explanation file for widget is little lacking, I ask you for some example if is it possible, please.

Waiting for your answer.

Thank you.


Hey Tamara,

please contact us via contact form on our profile page.

We´ll help you :)

Hello! URGENT! URGENT! I need URGENT! help on the event animation for some reason its not working or I may be doing something wrong. Can you assist me please by sending me a Tutorial video on you event animation. The videos I see does not show how to create your event other than your wording of how to install and use the product.

The website you mentioned to download the all Initial doesn’t have any download to the site just saying how to use the product. Please help me in using the product please or send me your contact so we can resolve using the product.

Hey bobbyb7,

please contact us via contact form on our profile page or via facebook. We´ll assist you!

Oh! you can contact me at 242 376-1594 and maybe assist me on how to use the event animation plugin. I need your help urgently!

Hey bobbyb7,

please contact us via contact form on our profile page or via facebook. We´ll assist you!

can you please sent to me the example file. thanks

Hey, please contact us via our profile page. So we can sent it

Hi i have contact you many times and i have send the request at your profile since tow days. still waiting. thanks

Sorry for the late reply. We´ve sent you the example file.

Can I get an example file as well?

Please contact us via profile page form. We´ll send you a example file

Hello! Is it now possible to hide an object “A” before, animate it in by clicking on trigger “B”, and animate it out by clicking on trigger “C”. Right now there are still problems. If the object is hide before, the out animation do not work. This is still my main use case and the widget is almost useless for me until this will be fixed.

Hey mhoernsc,

we´re working on it. Update is coming in about 2-3 weeks.



That would be good. Then I can finally use the widget as I like!

It’s possible you email me a .muse file with some examples? Thanks!

Please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Then we can send you an example file.


Can you sent muse file with some examples?

Please contact us via contact form on our profile page. Then we can send you an example file.


Hi, I just purchased a licence but I can’t make it work at all on any element. There is probably something I am doing wrong. Do you have by chance a step by step manual or a muse example that you could send so that I can see how to correctly set it up?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards, C.


please take a look into our new tutorial on YouTube:



Great many thanks, exactly what I needed. Best.

We are happy it has helped you.

Hi guys, I just purchased your event animations widget, I love that it’s similar to your scroll widget.

There is one thing I can’t quite get working for my event animation and was wondering if you could send an example file.

I’m trying to set up something similar to what you did here in example 4: http://preview.xmuse.it/?theme=eventanimation


Did you receive or find a solution for the 4th example, TrinityKretz?

Not yet, would love the files if possible.

Did our e-mail help you unterstand how example 4 was created?

Hi, can you please send me a example .muse file? I dont know why, but the widget does not works for me.. maybe i do something wrong. Thanks!

I do not know what Widget you have bought, xe7en.


Buon giorno, ho da poco acquistato event, mi pare che manchino degli elementi (class selector) e non riesco a farlo funzionare con il testo di Muse. Funziona bene con elementi grafici (fondini, immagini ecc.) non funziona sul testo. Potreste aiutarmi? grazie Dario Martinelli

Sorry only in english please

I love your software, it’s very edgy. I would like to know how obtain version 2 of your widget.

Thank you! There are no plans for a v2 at the moment. We would be glad if you leave us a rating!

The widget that I’ve downloaded from this website is labeled with 1.0.0 options. Your tutorial video shows that you’re using 2.0.0 options and the configuration menus look different from one another.

We will look into that and update the download-file when needed, here at Envato. Thank you for the heads up.

Hello, i cant get you plugin to work, went through the tutorial and have got know where, please can you provide me support or refund the purchase? Thanks,