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Very nice! Would like to see swipe function for touch screen devices.

You can swap out any lightbox you want for whatever specific features you’re looking for. The idea of evenFlow is to provide a super lightweight, tiny no BS copy and paste CSS gallery.

You can swap out any lightbox you want for whatever specific features you’re looking for. The idea of evenFlow is to provide a super lightweight, tiny no BS copy and paste CSS gallery.

Animation Effects not works in Safari 8

Safari is a bit behind, please add -webkit prefix for keyframes. Thanks

how can i control the image size ??? height=”200” width=”200 is not work!! thx

evenFlow is responsive so all dimensions are handled in the CSS. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see the .evenflow li rule. There are several of them in the main CSS file that control different widths for different screens sizes. lines 19, 98, 103

evenFlow works well only if I delete the smooth scrolling script on my single page website. Any idea how to fix this. Thank you.

Not sure, haven’t heard any other issues regarding this. Is it possible your script is adding CSS to your page?

Hi. It is compatible with bootsrap? Thanks

No, this is a the most stripped down easy to approach gallery you could ask for (without all of the unnecessary bootstrap overhead)

Hi there Please let me know how to have the images display in a column, instead of in a grid?

Sorry for the slow response. This plugin is for setting up galleries / grids of images.

Any reason why I shouldn’t use the latest jquery library?

Purchase code: 9f787a43-b176-4bea-a5af-dc277f0b2738

Hi I just purchased your Evenflow responsive image gallery. I was just wondering if you could give an example of one of your additional settings added to a Li. to clarify that I have everything set up correctly. And for the evenflow_full_width: Is this setup correctly?

Hi tabbynose, thanks for your purchase :) All of the examples are on the demo page. All you need to do is add a class. Add evenflow_full_width on to the UL and any effect you want on to the LI elements.


We’re using “Responsive Image Gallery” for already existing website, but problem is the popup style is not working. in this Responsive Image Gallery use “li” and “a” classes same classes are used by original website/theme, we insert for that page, but it will “Responsive Image Gallery” not working properly. how can solve this issue.

please solve this issue. waiting for your valuable reply.

Thanking you Kishore

please reply to this mail ID kishore328@gmail.com

Greetings: I purchased the evenFlow photo gallery today, and I have it plugged into my website in a test file. Everything is working EXCEPT that I am not getting a lightbox effect when a photo is selected from the grid.

Here is the test page I have set up: http://biltindustries.com/klip_bilt_ii_photos_test.php

Also, just a note: in your documentation you state to add the file: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/evenflow.css” type=”text/css” /> to your web page and it will work. However, the .css file as delivered is evenFlow.css. You may want to change that in your documentation as it could save you some headaches answering questions in the future. :)

Thank you.

Hi, it looks like you need to like the lightbox plugin. You can use any lightbox plugin you want, but the demo uses Magnific Popup. You’ll need the CSS and JS files for it. The included index.html shows all the code for initializing the lightbox.

Got it! Thank you. :)

furtig :::::

You have an error in your ‘custom-main.js’ file. It has to do with the “Gallery Image Fade” section. Try removing that (or use working code) and see if that works. The error is causing jQuery to fail. Try replacing


This is an error in your site as there isn’t even a custom-main.js file included in the evenflow download. ;)

Hi, is it possible to just see a few thumbnail in the gallery but load a lot more photos with a lightbox effect?


Hello, how can I reduce the margins on the part of arrba, left and right?


Today I purchased your evenFlow gallery, and I have some problems with it.

I copied code from demo file, and it doesn’t work. Can you please help me to find out what’s wrong? The site url is http://remoteretouchers.com

My purchase code is 059ca571-e143-4463-9a9b-2a0b1eb1203a

Thank you.




I purchased evenflow for my project. Its a template. When I tried to integrate evenflow in this, the slideshow is not working. When we click on image, it simply opens the image without next prev icons.Can you help me to resolve this

Can i have your e-mail for personal issue ?

Hi. I know that it’s maybe a strange question but I’m “green” and I have a problem with use of your product. After downloading I’v received an ineks file, files with images and css styles. I don’t know for what are attached a java scripts if gallery should not use it and I don’t know how to instal it and how to create a gallery. I need to create a gallery for auction website where I can not to use the java script. Please for an advice and help. Thank you.

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous lighbox. I apologize for not seeing, that it doesn’t integrate with Bootstrap.

Still, it works beautifully, except for the, “close,” button. Can you please direct me toward a workaround, so the close button is inside the lightbox.

Site: https://www/melissaciaccia.com/work.html.

Thank you!

Hi, Does your Responsive Image Gallery use any JS scripts. I want an image gallery to work on eBay and js is not accepted Cheers Ron