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Hello, I just purchased your Music Portal and it looks great! But it seems i have aproblem with uploading any tracks to it. I modified the two php.ini parameters named in the documentation ans set them to 500M (yes, I want to have such large songs). I tried to upload a few different .mp3 files. One is about 5MB, the other around the 170MB. The first file gives me the following error: “Error! Invalid file upload”, the second one gives a different error: “Error! Please upload a file”. I set the track size in the adminpannel to 250MB and the storage to 10GB (10000MB)

I tried tried a few more mp3 files and as long as they are smaller than 3MB, they upload just fine.

I also have a problem creating albums. When I click the ’+ Create Album’ button, the popup opens fine. I enter the album name and choose a type. Then I try tro press the large blue ’+ Create’ button, but absolutely nothing happens. The popup stays open and the mouse cursor changes to sort of a little stop icon for a brief second. This behaviour does not change when I choose a different album type.

Do you have any advice for me? Is there such a thing as a debug mode to see where these problems come from?

Regards Lucas v.E

There is a possibility that your host may be limiting the file size upload despite you increasing the limits or your server may have run out of room when the file is completely uploaded. You may want to contact your host about their limits.

As for the album situation, please message me your site along with CPanel access so I may take a closer look. Thank you!

Cause the site is hosted on my home NAS, there is no such thing as a cPanel. I can however provide you with the error message from the apache error log:

PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of 10485942 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0,

That’s when upload a 10.5MB file. Since it refers to a document “unknown” with line “0” I don’t know where the size is set incorrectly. I raised the max_file_size in the php.ini to about 250MB

Hope you can support me, even without access to the webserver or the database.

Regards Lucas v.E

Please also set the post_max_size as well. Your error seems to stem from that limit as well.

quick question, 1:can the admin deactivate email registration confirmation when users register or create an account?? :2: what are supplied in the package, all style sheets so we can change or preposition contents of a page how we want right? 3: if one run into trouble to install the scripts like usual, can u help do that, how much u be charging? How much you charge for further customization? 4: what audio formats does it supports does it support wave audios???

sorry for prepurchase questions. I must say it looks like you did a great job> bigups maaaan….

if you can kindly direct me to the folder that holds all css files just for the home page, so i can move things around. say give the top fixed nav bar a top margin, also the left grey sidebar and body a margin .just like you pointed me to the inc/top-nav file, lots of files in the package and pretty hard to figure out which ones control which pages. I am really interested in the home oage now, thanks buddy and don’t forget to pass me ur email so I can send u cpanel details. cheers..

man. we live in different time zones so whe i send u a message, i need to wait for at least 18hrs before i get a message, can you please m ake sure than when you are responding, u be a bit precised and give me much details. 1. point me to html and css files folder to make adjustments on the home page. u did with the top nav bar, do it with the other events on the page. 2. can u point me to location of all the icons on the home page. example icons in the top nav bar. there should be some images(png, or gif) in the euphonize folder.\ what i did is extend the height of the top nav bar to say about 140px, but it overlaps with the playlist, queue, my playlist and create playlist tabs along with the listen, All i need is to give those batty boys a top margin as well to keep the fuckers away from the 140px top nav bar, cant find the style sheets for them.. sorry for the long and a bit messy message..it is also important that i at least know where to private message you so al these things don’t be on your wall…

Please message me here https://codecanyon.net/user/jaskokoyn#contact There are a lot of file locations you are asking here and it’s hard to keep up. A lot of these files you’re asking for can be found in the app/views folder. The CSS files can be found in the assets/main folder. The icons are are from font awesome and you’ll need to read their documentation to learn how to modify the icons. You can find more information about that here http://fontawesome.io/


ERROR: SQLSTATE42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1286 Unknown storage engine ‘InnoDB’

all things are correct, DB & domain name ‘url’ so, I’m stuck on this error message above, any idea may addresses this issue ?

It seems like your host does not support InnoDB engine.. Please message your host to see if they can enable this for you.

The persons who not own the recording should not be allowed to upload songs. Can you customize the registration so that the new registrator should have an option to choose whether as creator/content owner or user. Users can buy a monthly or annual fee to allow them to make playlist or sharing any social links

Unfortunately, I do not provide customizations at this moment. I suggest hiring someone on Upwork or Envato studio for customizations. If they have knowledge of PHP, MySQL and AngularJS then they should be able to make these changes for you.


A pre-purchase question. Is it possible to minimize the playlist sidebar on the left and have it appear only when necessary?



I’m not a developer myself, but is it possible to make changes to the script such that the sidebar becomes hidden?

One more. Is it possible to display an artist’s albums on his/her profile? Currently only ‘My Tracks’ are listed.

Currently it can not be done through the system. You’ll have manually edit the code. Unfortunately, albums are not displayed at this time.

Sidebar menu ads is not working. My programmer said it was because the script is not working. Funny thing is that footer ads menu is functioning well. The widget menu on html also is not working. Please urgently help.

Yes, those buttons get hidden on mobile. It’s hidden using Bootstrap’s CSS responsive utilities which can be found here http://getbootstrap.com/css/#responsive-utilities all files can be found in the app folder


hjrozman Purchased

I sent you email last week but seems no answer. Can I suggest that you don’t want to give me the support anymore? Please confirm. Thank you

Hello, I responded to your email. Please check your inbox or junk mail again. Thank you!

Hello, I am a member of an euphonize system and I would like to know how can I upload tracks and make their share link appear another share url instead of untitled-track. This is really bugging me cause I want the hyperlink to have the name of the track when I allow it for streaming

You will need to change the name of the song in the manage track page. Just click the cog and you will see the field for the name.

it did not work, I change the name of the track but the direct url continues untitled-track-number. Any other options?

any other field that currently changes the name of the track url to the track name?

Any user demo account?

You’re free to sign up and test the site.

Awesome looking platform! A few pre sale questions: 1. How does the purchase system work? Are downloads locked until purchased?

2. How do paid memberships work? Can certain features be locked for free authors and unlocked for “premium”? i.e.: only premium users can sell.

3. What payment gateways work here?


1. There is no purchase system. There is only a field where users can submit links to where visitors can purchase their music on 3rd party sites.

2. Paid memberships gives you a badge and more storage.

3. PayPal

Do you offer customization for hire?

Currently I do not.

Hello can you remove the “purchase”, can buy you a system of “followers”.

Currently that is not available.

Hello ,

Can you change some features against money?

Thank you

I’m not sure I understand. Can you explain more by what you mean?


vetimaia Purchased

The option to download the full album is not working properly. When I click to download the album, the zip file comes empty.

Please message me your site along with CPanel login so I can take a closer look. Thank you!

When will WAV support become available?