Euphonize - Music Sharing & Social Platform

Euphonize - Music Sharing & Social Platform


Euphonize is a music sharing & social platform written in PHP &

AngularJS. Your visitors will be able to share, embed & listen to music

from other artists. This powerful script will give you everything you

need to get start with your own music platform.


  • Activity – A custom activity stream for logged in users. Will display tracks uploaded by users they follow.
  • Discover Tracks & playlists – Users can view popular

    tracks & playlists by other users. They can do a search and filter by

    popularity and genre.
  • Unique Custom Profile – Each profile is easy to custom and displays a user’s information elegantly.
  • Notifications & Messages – Users can message each other and be notified when a user follows or likes their tracks.
  • Social Media Integration – Users can share their

    favourites tracks on social media sites Facebook & Twitter. More to be

    added in future updates.
  • Player Embeds – The player can be embedded on sites with user tracks.
  • Reports & Licensing – Users can report comments,

    tracks & other users. A licensing system is also available for creative

    commons & all rights reserved.
  • Playlists – Highly customizable playlists. Users can skip forward and backwards and jump to a certain track in a playlist.
  • Downloads & Purchase Links – Users have the option to allow downloads and share a purchase link for each track.
  • Admin Dashboard & Control Panel – Manage users,

    tracks, reports, comments and more! Tweak your site’s settings with

    Euphonize’s Powerful dashboard
  • Advertisements – Manage advertisements. Edit the ads for footers & sidebars on every page.
  • Pro Membership Accounts /w Paypal Integration – User

    Paypal to accept payments from users to purchase Pro membership

    accounts. This can be disabled in the admin panel.
  • Built with AngularJS – Euphonize uses the most popular JS framework supported by GOOGLE!


  • PHP >= 5.5
  • Apache Web Server
  • Allow_url_fopen enabled
  • PDO Extension
  • Aparch URL Rewrite Module
  • php.ini access

Some Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0