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Simple but useful! :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

It’s using SOAP or a REST-based API?

hello, greece isn’t on the list?

Hello, Greece is on the list. I don’t know why, but in VIES system ( ) has Greece code EL, not GR.

Hello. Thank you for this script. Unfortunately I do not have to master the PHP as well as you and I can not use the script. I do not transfer the variable that comes from the form.

My form: <form action = ’’ method = ‘GET’ id = ‘form’ class = ‘form-horizontal’ role = ‘form’> <input type = ‘text’ name = ‘tvaintra’ id = ‘number’ placeholder = ‘VAT number to search for’ class = ‘input-lg’> <button id = ‘validate’ type = “button” class = “btn btn-primary-lg”> SEARCH </ button> </ form>

And here’s the part of the PHP script to recover the VAT number to check.

<? php require_once (‘EuVatNumberValidation.php’);

$ obj = new EuVatNumberValidation;
$ response = $ obj> validate ('$ tvaintra');

Can you help me? thank you, Thierry

Hello. What is your problem? Variable $tvaintra is empty after you submit the form?

Hi, very useful script…..i want to add it to my registration form and i want the form to perform an automatic validation as soon as the number is entered …. how can i do that?

Hi, thank you for the script. I face similar problem as Thierry, is it possible to simply share the demo source as listed here on the site so I have a working template to work from? Thank you in advance.

Good Luck with sales