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Looks good! Will need it soon for a new project! Do you know a woocommerce plugin for eco tax (WEEE Directive)?

Hi. Unfortunately i have yet to come across a WEEE Compliance WooCommerce plugin. Even a quick search didn’t turn up any results. I’m not sure it would be worth the time invested to develop something like this but i’ll pass the idea onto my developer and see what they think.

Hi. Do you think to develope something about the EU Label for tires?

Hi. No unfortunately not, it doesn’t seem to be a popular enough request in order to make that adjustment. It might be possible to have this done with some custom changes to the existing plugin.

Is possible to have a quote for custom changes to the existing plugin?

Hi Freddie. I’m afraid i can’t take on any custom work atm. Again, if it was a popular request it would be worth rolling it into an update but until then it’s just not feasible. Sorry.

is this the
YITH WooCommerce EU Energy Label
or you are the one who created this???!

The YITH plugin is not related to this plugin available on Codecanyon.

Some of the features you get with my plugin don’t exist in theirs and mine is based on the exact requirements that the EU legislation requires i.e. the energy rating label needs to be displayed next to the price of the product – not on the image and you are required to display not only the class rating image (A+, A, B, C etc.) but also the full energy label which the YITH plugin does not as far as i can see.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, i’ll dig a bit deeper and see what’s going on here because their plugin, although with less features, seems to be replicating ours very closely and misleading users as they are not abiding by the full EU spec. I’ve actually developed this for a personal store which was under inspection and passed with flying colours so i know 100% that users who purchase and use this plugin will have no issue with the EU inspections.

Hope that answered your question.

Cheers, Peter

Is this compatible with the Venedor – WordPress + WooCommerce Theme?

It’s compatible with all current woocommerce versions so any theme that uses the woocommerce plugin will be capstone.

Hello! Great plugin! But I have one question: Is it possible to create an url link to the EU label image instead of uploading it to the media gallery? I need the url link version, because I want to generate the eu label images on the fly for the products.

@nerevo. If i understood you correctly then it’s currently possible to use any URL within the “tooltip label” field, you don’t need to click the Select Image button to upload an image, any image URL can be pasted directly into that field.

Is that what you were after?

Cheers, Peter

Hi pedrodonkey! I need an url which will be dynamically generated with a value of a meta_field of the product (ex. with the meta_value of “2”), This url link will generate the complete eu label as a png image with correct logo and sku. I think I can reprogramming my php script for the label generation (takes the meta_value as GET) that it also can take the meta_value of the “product rating” field of the selected product. Do you know what I mean?

Sorry i’m afraid i’m not on track with what you need to do. It seems well overcomplicated for such a simple plugin to be able to work that into any permanent updates.

Obviously if you’re comfortable working with PHP and have programming knowledge then it should be easier for you for your specific project.

Sorry i couldn’t be of more help regarding the issue.

Hi, I’ve just purchased and installed your eu energy label plugin. It installed without any problems and looks good,thank you.

How do I change the energy rating tag colour please? How do I increase the size of the energy label please?

thanks a lot, Mark.

just to let you know I’ve sorted image rating tag colour

Hi. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

To increase the size of the energy label you’ll need to re-create the images in a larger size, and you’ll additionally have to adjust some minor css to compensate for the image size change.

Cheers, Peter


does your EU energy label for Woocomerce work with latest version?

Regards, Domagoj

Thank you Peter, I will buy your plugin.

Thanks for the support.


I would like to know how do I disable the display of energy label for all products by default, than, when I want it to enable a label for 1 or more products I can enable the option because when I edit any existing product or create a new one I get the default A class label showing even for products that don’t need any kind of energy label which is a big problem.

Please help ASAP

Thank you in advance. Regards, Domagoj


it’s been nine days since my support request and still no answer, I shall have no other option than leave bad rating and request a refund.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Hi. Apologies for the late response but i’ve been away since Christmas/New Year Break. Not sure why the support notification didn’t set those dates.

Within the EU Energy Label tab there is an option to “manually disable” the energy label for any product. It’s the second last option and just needs to be checked. This is not enabled by default.

Cheers, Peter

Yes I understand, but the problem is that you need to do this for every product in the shop, even the ones that don’t need any kind of certificates because when you bulk update your products each one gets the A class green (air conditioner) label so you need to spend half an hour clicking the “manually disable” option for each product. I’d just like to set the disable option as a default (checked) so could you send me that kind of modification of the code?

@blablaitebi – quick answer will be no. Unfortunately it’s not worth the time to make such a modification to the plugin code. Something that might work for you might not necessarily work for others so that will remain as it is.

Before requesting a refund please send me a link to where the plugin is being used. Then go ahead and request a refund.

Thanks, Peter

Which plugins i need for the installation? The installation of the EU label plugin does not work.

The plugin can not be installed.

It’s All ok.

@TrafficEcstasy did you manage to install it?

Hi. Could you please provide which version of Wordpress and which version of Woocommerce you’re using so that i can have a look.


dn-p Purchased

Hello, the label disappears on the main page under the pictures.


Can you help me.