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Getting ready to start using etsy as an outlet but one question on this…

If I created and uploaded images to my etsy store, would I really need to download them from etsy since I already have them on my hard drive?

Hi maxxscape. It’s more of a handy utility for those who may have their images scattered across machines or have lost their images all together. Heard stories of people who lost their images due to hard drive failure or other circumstances.

Thanks for the comment!

Hi, can we download bulk images from other stores? thanks!

I was excited at first, but when I tried it out(twice after restart) The folder gets filled with 1KB jpg’s and that it is. Then the service gets shot down. I am very disappointed, I hope they have FIX.

I am unable to reach the author

I want a full refund!

Does this still product work with Etsy as of July 2016?

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)