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fantastic work ! i wish you big sales and a nice day ;)


Nice job good Sales :)


Cool! Good luck with sales!!!


Really would like a reply on my emails I’ve sent regarding some issues.

Email sent.

What is a ETH? Very great script, loads fast and looking forward to purchasing?

How can I make it say 1usd = x currency selected?

ETH is the currency code for Ethereum which is a crypto currency like Bitcoin. It’s the second most popular, bitcoin being the most popular.

Can you add

1) Samoan Tala 2) Seychellois Rupee 3) Ukrainian Hryvnia

I am going to buy.

Hello, and thanks for the interest. Unfortunately I cannot. I’m reading the rates in from a public API and the currencies available (as of right now) are what you see in the script (79 currently). As Ethereum gains more popularity, I’m sure we will see more currencies supported.

Anyway thanks for well done scripts!

please why am i getting error 500, i have changed the file permission to 0775 but still showing error

Hello, thank you for your purchase. Can you please send me a message via my profile with more details? Thanks.

Is it possible to use just for currency converter: EUR->USD etc?

Hello, and thanks for your interest. If I am understanding you correctly, then, yes you can. You would just simply remove the currencies from the drop down that you do not want via HTML.

Hello, Nice work. Can you install the script for me. Will godaddy Deluxe Linux Hosting be ok for the hosting. Thank you.

Love the script. I am noticing a possible bug, though. When I click on the calculator, the pop up works fine. If I close it then open again, clicking calculate just spins. It never shows a result. Thanks!

Could you please add historical data display?

can you add a buy ethereum button beside the currency price?

can it convert to word press plugin

if yes i would like to buy

Hi WaldhausApps, this project is death? Any upgrade from april 2017…..

I want to build a website to show top 10 Cryptocurrency real time price. Can you work for me?

I have bought this . After installing getting HTTP ERROR 500. Please help me.

I have a problem. I installed the script following all the rules, but there is no price or images of currencies countries on the site!?

Hello am having similar problems like djokerini93 kindly give us directives on how to fix this thank you