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Hello would like to know how to place a selection field and that the first option is blank.

Second, I wanted to know how to send all information in the form on my Salesforce CRM, to do I change the following ”<form name =” fcsalud “method =” POST “action =” http://www.salesforce.com/servlet /servlet.WebToLead?encoding=UTF-8 # ”>

Hey another thing, i emailed you without any response so wondered if you had seen my email.

Basically i was asking how can i do a conditional logic statement where we have say 10 different images using the image type in the Ether form. then link that image to a conditional logic where once clicked or hovered over the image it displays a Phone Number for that particular image?

Thanks Aaron

i cant recommend this plugin. functional, it is okay. but… there is no support. no ticketing system, no forum. no answers to the comments here. and also no answers to emaisl! i send one about two weeks ago with a bug report. after 2 days and no answer i searched by myself for a solution. found one and wrote an email again. still no reaction.

Pre-sale question: I would like to use this plugin for my airport shuttle / transfer website. Is it possible to to set an option for the user to select: one-way trip or return trip?

Basically i want the plugin to behave like an online airline booking for user selects, one or return trip; pick up point, destination point, number of passengers, date and time. A form to choose various options and proceed with payment.

My website is http://www.oscarcancunshuttle.com/ http://www.oscarcancunshuttle.com/bookTicketme.php I’m making a new website in wordpress.

From the airport we transferred to 300 hotels, I need to add the list of hotels and prices for the transfer from the airport. with different prices, and transfers from hotel to hotel.

Hi, I’m using the plug-in as part of my Ultimatum-description. I made a form, but when the visitor gets a copy of this e-mail the sender (from) is set to wordpress@domain.com [domein.com being the domin of my site]. I would like to use an other emailadress instead.

This email-adress (wordpress@domein.com) is nowhere to be found in my database. I also can not find it in the code of the plugin.

Please advice my how to change this adress. Thanks a lot, Hilda

Ether Framework 1.7.2 Ether Forms 1.3.3

I was wondering, if you could use the conditional logic to say, set up 3 locations, if 1 location is selected, send that form to a specific email address, if 2 is selected, send to a different email address, etc..

I’m basically looking to set this up as a reservation form but send an email to a specific manager depending on which location is selected.


An earlier version of this plugin (1.3.4) had conflicts with WP Super Cache. I am reluctant to install the new version. Have you addressed this problem?


Does the plugin have ‘add duplicate field’ feature where the user will be able to add more of the fields. I’m really in need of the form that has this feature. Example here http://formvalidation.io/examples/adding-dynamic-field/

Pre Purchase Question

1) I was wondering if this plugin has the functionality of front end submission by non logged in users. I’m looking for a form plugin where visitors to the site can post their names, scores, and holes played in regards to each of their golf games, but they need to be able to enter this information on the front end for other visitors to see.

2) I also would like to know how many columns this plugin can create. I have the idea of either creating multiple columns for golfer name, different holes played up to 19, and total score. Or 2 columns with golfer name and total score with the different 19 holes played below, but nested somehow, maybe a row below the first 2 column row. Does your plugin have the functionality to create something like this?

Hi, I’ve contacted support on 2 occassions and have not had a response?? are you guys on holiday or something?

I am experiencing failure at the time to include the plugin on my website at the time of activating the entire workforce of my website is unconfigures

Form elements disappear after I publish or refresh page…this is infuriating, after hours of inputing several form elements. I don’t like this at all.

Its now ok…But wait a minute, Over 4 Hours and yet no reply?...Lol, Is this how you value and treat your customers?...especially one on a supported mode? SO if I was having a hell of a time, I would have blown my head off before you CARE to reply.

Hi, I have a question before buying. Is it possible to lock form after sending 50 messages a month. Can you show the number of sent messages (counter).

Buggy as hell in WP 4.4.2. Created columns / form fields and they just disappear suddenly, widgets switch places… I’ve wasted hours. grrrrr..