Support for Etalage

Support for Etalage

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Can it be integrated on my WordPress site?

As it’s not a WordPress plugin, you’d have to manually edit the theme files. Mainly header.php to include jquery, the CSS and the plugin, and then put the image list on the page you’d want it to appear.

Instructions on editing the HTML are all in the package. You just have to be comfortable editing theme files and know that it won’t have a settings page in your WordPress admin area / automatically take images from your WP site.

Does Etalage support jQuery no-conflict mode?

The plugin itself is noconflict ready. Just replace the ”$” with “jQuery” where you initiate the plugin, like so:


Can I use images with mixed image ratios?

No. The dimensions among a set should only vary if the ratio is equal (like 100×200 and 200×400).

You can consider adding whitespace to the sides of images to create equal dimensions or let a PHP script do that for you.

Does Etalage work with responsive layouts?

The concept of Etalage is to enlarge images and thus it needs some space.

A common way to integrate it in a responsive layout is to use a media query to hide Etalage and replace it with a static image when the screen gets too small.

The Fancybox popups don’t act as galleries/groups.

That is indeed not possible at the moment.
When Etalage triggers Fancybox, it provides the source image dynamically and Fancybox then doesn’t recognise it as part of a group.

Feel free to hack the “example_fancybox.html” file in the download package and let me know if you find a way.

I bought a theme on themeforest containing Etalage. Can i receive support?

This is actually the responsibility of the theme author. They own the license and since the product is integrated into their product, they are in turn responsible for delivering support for their implementation.

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