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Is there a way to make it 2 images per slide?

If there’s no way, how much to customise the script so that it will show two images per slide, just like this:

(This has been answered by email.)

Hi, I would like the thumbs on the left side, but with the design of example one. Can you help please? I tried a lot, but am no expert. Thanks – Ulrich

Hi Ulrich,

When you initiate Etalage, you probably do something like this:

The option to alter the thumbs position is “smallthumbs_position”. Add the option like so:
$('#etalage').etalage( {
  smallthumbs_position: 'left'
} );

See the documentation and the code with the included examples for more customization options.

Hello, I ran the plugin and it loads fine and works, but it resiezes the images to the basic example site. how can i resize them?

Hi. All options are described in the included instructions.html file. You can change the image dimensions with thumb_image_width, thumb_image_height, source_image_width, source_image_height.


We’ve recently inherited a website which uses your etalage zoom extension.

The extension is working fine but we would like to disable the zoom if the user is using a mobile device or small screen can you please advise is this possible?

Thanks Ben

Hi Ben,

As you’ve noticed Etalage is rather outdated in that sense. I would advise to hide Etalage with a CSS mediaquery on narrow resolutions / touch screens and then show a basic alternative instead.