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I have added the documentation to install and placed it in the description. Can you please re-assess the plugin?

Hey there,

Thank you for creating this plugin. I need this but I have a few presale questions.

1. Is it easy to integrate to my theme ? I would want to have two searches for properties. 2. Are you willing to do small customizations ? 3. Are there any monthly fees we need to consider ?

Yes to all of these.

1. Installation is simple provided there is no JQUERY conflicts. Please visit:

2. It depends on what kind of customization you require. It would be billable.

3. Yes there is a monthly fee of 50/mo.

Hi, Can this only handle idx or also RETS. And how is the import handled? Through your server or directly on my clients server?

We have access to most data feeds in Canada. RETS is the language used to communicate with the data.

We now support all data in Canada and most large centers in the USA through RETSCLOUD.

Does that $50 per month cover only one instance? Or can I use this for multiple agent customers of mine?

It is on a per customer basis.

This is BS, you sell the plugin without making it obvious that there is a $50 monthly fee… you are ripping people off!

Excuse me sir, but the description clearly states that there is a subscription fee for the hosting of the software and the real estate data. We also charge $500 setup if you require us to assist in the install.

Did you read the above posts JohnsonMktg? It clearly states how the plugin is used and there is no possibility of it being interpreted as misrepresented. Please speak to Code Canyon about a refund.

HI can you please tell me what is the difference of rets and IDX? Do i also need rets access ?


IDX shows all listings. RETS is usually only the listings for the brokerage.

IDX shows the real estate data for a whole region. RETS stands for real estate transaction standard and is not related to what data is shown. Where are you located? We currently have only the major feeds for Western Canada and the major Eastern regions of Canada such as Toronto.

Do you have something similar but for Native PHP or MVC like Codeigniter?

Sorry no.

Yes, this would be a custom install however. We can usually do this for around 500 CAD.

**Please note that this plugin requires a 50/mo subscription fee to manage the data that flows through the plugin. Also, please enquire if we have the data in your region, BEFORE you purchase. If we don’t have the data in your region, it is possible that we might add it in certain circumstances. If you are interested in building a real estate network in your country that would use our system,

Is this meant to imply that we have to pay you $50/mo for this plugin to work in addition to what we’re already paying for IDX?

Also, I just read your comment from 2 months ago. Your feed is only for Canada?

Where are you located?

This particular client requires Marco Island and Naples MLS in Florida.

We are currently only supporting Canada for live data feeds, but you could add properties manually in other regions.

is this plugin still active? If i have Naples MLS, can i write a script to automatically update properties to my site daily?

Yes this plugin is still active – please visit: – *Note this plugin is only supported in Canada. We have all data within Canada only.

Is the $50 per month in American Dollars or Canadian?

Our pricing has changed. It is 69/mo and it is in CAD.

Hello- It appears that USA support is now available via retsCloud. I’m very interested, so just want to confirm total costs for my customer. Please verify that for USA the only thing that would be needed would be to purchase the plugin from codecanyon and then the $25/mo service from to make this work properly? I did already verify that the MLS we connect to is covered on retscloud. Are there any other monthly or setup fees that we would need to be aware of?

I did read through your description and all comments, but just want verification that I’m understanding correctly.


It can be a bit confusing because some clients want us to host the data. We charge based on space used. 25/mo per GB. In this case we don’t charge for the software as most data feeds are minimum of 4-10GBs of space. Where a client manages the data on their own we charge only for the use of our software that talks to the data on your servers.

Ok, to clarify: If we host our own data, its $69 CAD/mo to use the software. retscloud connectivity is managed by you?

That is correct.

What does this mean? ”...we will need to link up our admin…”

You need to link up the EstateVue Admin to the WP plugin.

hi I am real estate agent in New Jersey. I want to integrate this in my website . I am member of CJMLS .can you please advise

Sorry, we do not support USA at the moment. We will be able to connect to your board data soon however. Please check back in a few months.

We are located in the USA…

1) - How do I get the IDX to activate using your plugin so that I can display properties on my website ? What is the process?

2) – What MLS credentials will the plugin need ?

3) - Is there an ongoing or a one-time cost to do so ?

4) - If yes how much ?

5) - Which “Approved Data FMLS Vendor” do you use for displaying the properties ?

6) - Can this plugin be used on most WP themes ?

7) - Is this plugin SSL compatible ?

8 ) - Is this plugin PHP 5.6 and/or PHP 7 compatible ?

Yes – we have a demo. Please email me @ for the credentials.

1. Sign up to RETSCLOUD and pick your data feed. 2. See #1. 3. Our monthly fee is 69/mo. and RETSCLOUD is 29 I believe. 4. See #3. 5. See #1, virtually all. 6. Yes it is compatible with all themes. If there are tweaks required, we can assist. 7. Yes it is SSL compliant. 8. Yes it is PHP 5.6+ compliant.


Thanks for the reply.

At $100 total a month, that’s double what others like iHomfinder is charging.

Our pricing is 69/mo CAD. which is roughly half of what iHomeFinder is charging (provided we are already serving the data feed). Please reach out to us if you have more questions.


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