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Hi, we recently have had an error on the notification side of the app about a ssl issue. Please take a look at the picture : http://i.imgur.com/T2TqMdi.jpg , would be great if you can help us on his as our app is almost finished and ready for play store. If you cant state the issue here please email meat admin@duafaqe.com Regards, Klajdi Toci

Replied via email.

Hello , I am loving your app.It is too good.The only thing I want to know regarding customization of app user posting. As you mentioned in comments section that “app user cannot post the item from mobile app” Can you please tell me what it wold cost to get it done.Or can I expect an update in future for the same.Please let me know ASAP as I want to buy it soon. Thanks, Omi

Thanks for your reaching out. Please take a look my reply at below :

As you mentioned in comments section that “app user cannot post the item from mobile app” Can you please tell me what it wold cost to get it done.Or can I expect an update in future for the same.
>>> Currently, I don’t yet the plan to add like this feature at my app. If you know well in Android Java and CodeIgniter, it is able to extend from source code.

Also How can I use location search
>>> That feature is already included based on user phone GPS/Location.


Thanks for replying.Can you customize it for me.

Unfortunately, I am quite rushing with existing on going project so I am not ok to help you. Cheers!

hi. your code is great. i have a question is any way to show the realestate listings randomly?. Regards!!

It should be inside application\models\item.php

hi, it’s any chance to include the subcategories, like your other item?. Regards!

Yes, it is possible but you might need to change some coding and work flow. Cheers!

Hi, is there any way to hide the city description page. So that after selecting a city it’d go directly to the explore city page to select a category? Thanks

Thanks for your purchased the app. Could you show me as printscreen for which page you want to hide? Actually, it would be possible but need to change some coding and flow. Cheers!

The screen with the list of apartments in the city. Where can I send you the screen shot?

Helli, i try edit item, click in “Edit”, display show all white, http://localhost/base/estatecore/index.php/items/edit/70

Solve it is an error in edit.php, edit php.ini turn running with error “short_open_tag = On”. I have an error in the application, when added 2+ items when loading loading loading loading loading … if I press the screen stops the application (crash). Sorry my bad english Cheers! – - [13/Oct/2016:11:29:17 0300] “GET /estatecore/index.php/rest/items/get/city_id/5/cat_id/12/item/all/count/3/from/2 HTTP/1.1” 200 30 “” “Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 6.0.1; A0001 Build/MHC19Q)” – - [13/Oct/2016:11:29:17 0300] “GET /estatecore/index.php/rest/items/get/city_id/5/cat_id/12/item/all/count/3/from/2 HTTP/1.1” 200 30 “” “Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 6.0.1; A0001 Build/MHC19Q)”

log my apache… 2 items add in my backoffice… GET GET GET GET GET GET GET GET…... in apk list

Sorry! I really don’t understand for your english. Cheers!

Hello! Can i add in app and backend custom fields? (i want add filds like badroom, pool, conditioners and etc)? How i can do this? Need customization server side code and code in application and db or only web side?

Can you made thats modificaton for 1 something custom field? Show how i can do that =) Thank you very much!!! I want buy for Android and Ios

like a manual =)

If do you want as freelance request, please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com Cheers!

ok. can you write where i must do modifications (in what files)? Thanks

Sorry, I cannot support like this teaching or guiding for extra development according your requirements because I am selling the code on Developer to Developer market place. My code is able to extend whatever you want. But if you want me to do, please request as freelance work. Cheers!

write message on your email

i edit in your admin panel, but change didn’t reflect in app that you provide. is it dynamic or will take some time to syncronise

You are welcome. That error message is still not related with my app. You need to sync successfully gradle at your working environment. Cheers!

yes.. that problem is resolved, but in admin panel, edit cities is not working, and add items is also not working, http://foxx.customerparadise.in/index.php/

I won’t login to client backend. So, please send printscreen or error log to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com I would check a few hours later. Cheers!

When I am going on home activity.It is giving error “Oops App cannot connect to the server.”

Thanks for your purchased the app. Have you setup correct API Urls at config.java file? Cheers!

On running the backend it is showing error in database. it shows error in db_driver on line. How to resolve it?

Actually, I already mentioned inside UserGuide. Cheers!

As i just want the only house view.I do not want apartment and commercial view so can you provide me with the name of .xml file as i want to block them.I tried a lot to find them

Do you want to show directly Item Detail Page? Cheers!


binko Purchased

Hello sir, im trying to use xampp but backend is not working

Thanks for your purchased the app. Could I see what is error? You can send email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com Cheers!

Wow!! this is a great script, please is there a way an agent can register on the site to post listings thanks

Thanks for your reaching out. Please take a look my reply at below :

please is there a way an agent can register on the site to post listings thanks
>>> You need modify some coding.

Another thing is, Can we also add landed properties to show how many plots and square meters
>>> Sorry, I am not sure what do you mean.


If we are adding landed property, there should be a parameters like how many plots or hectres of land the owner wants to sell or lease

Do you mean like you want to show another parameters for landed property? Is it? Cheers!

Hello! Great job but I cannot upload images. How to resolve it? Thanks in advance!

Could I know what is error log ?

Sorry for late response, I have this log: Internal Server Error, can you help me?

What is your backend login credential. Let’s see how is it. Cheers!

I get the error below when I try to build the estatecore app in android studio

Error:Error: File path too long on Windows, keep below 240 characters : C:\Users\deji\Documents\davihomes\EstateCore_Android_MainFile_1_0_3\Mobile Source\EstateCore\app\build\intermediates\exploded-aar\com.facebook.android\facebook-android-sdk\4.0.0\res\drawable-xhdpi-v4\com_facebook_tooltip_black_background.9.png

How do i fix it

According your message, it is not able to delete directory. So, please try and take a look why cannot delete directory at your computer and android studio. Cheers!

Google map not displaying in app. But displaying in the admin back end, how do I fix that

It is because of Google Map Key. You need to replace with your own map key. Please take a look inside my UserGuide. I already mentioned for that part. Cheers!

Hello Friend. Is the real estate items configuration backend demo hosted with you or me? It is in English but can be translated into portuguese, the panel? Thank you.

Thanks for your reaching out. It is host on your server because I already delivered all source code both mobile and backend. Yes, you could able to translate into Portuguese language. Cheers!

Is the translation easy? What format is the php system, script, wordpress?

My backend is using CodeIgniter framework. It is able to translate at language file. Cheers!

We want to add more feature. are thats possible and how cost will need?

Thanks for your reaching out. Please drop email to teamps.is.cool@gmail.com for more discussion. Cheers!

I want demo app to try it

Thanks for your reaching out. Please try at here : http://bit.ly/2bZNQkS Cheers!

is it possbile to intigrate this app to our real estate workdpress website

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Thanks for your reaching out. Cheers!

Sir when sharing a listing it shows your codecanyon page how to change it to listing id

Thanks for your purchased the app. You could modify at shareTextUrl function from DetailActivity.java Cheers!