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Hello Sir,

do you have web client for EstateCore ( Real Estate Finder : Home Finder : Housing Agency iOS Application with Swift) ?

Thank you

Thanks for your reaching out. I replied via email. Cheers!

Olá estou interessado em comprar um aplicativo Nesse estilo do seu, porém preciso de um quê o próprio usuário consiga cadastrar o imóvel. O seu faz essa função?

Thanks for your reaching out. Can you mentions using english? Cheers!

hi , I am trying to check backend but I face an error when trying to login

Thanks for your reaching out and feedback. Our demo look like the issue with database. Alternatively, you can try with http://www.panacea-soft.co/estatecore/index.php Username : psbeadmin and Password: admin


Hello. My backend is installed in a folder http://daviella.com.ng/home but the page shows blank. Everything was properly installed but still face with the black screen problem

Replied via email.

When I tried the URL in URL checker is says 500 Internal server error how do I fix that

When I check your domain, there is another website. See at below :

I think it is conflict with my Backend so it is not like coding issue. Please check with your hosting provider.


Demo could not installed

Thanks for your reaching out. Please try again with this demo apk http://www.panacea-soft.co/apk_files/EstateCore/1.0.6/app-debug.apk


Realtors Individuals and Real Estate Agency, Can create their profiles with user name and password and their properties listings ??

Thanks for your reaching out. Currently, it is not available for that feature but you could modify it accordingly if you know well in Android and CodeIgniter for backend. Cheers!

It´s possible to allow users post their items?
Many thks

Thanks for your reaching out. Unfortunately, that feature is not available. Cheers!

How about creating frontend using api? Do you have frontend in webversion?

Thanks for your reaching out. Unfortunately, we don’t have the frontend version but the app is using API. Cheers!