Reviews for Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

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for Customizability

easy to use and end-result looks great. the only thing missing is the ability to have related multiple filters that only have single select. (you can have multi-select but that complicates some web pages).

for Customer Support

Very responsive and helpful customer support that actually fixes an issue rather than throwing it back to the user to troubleshoot.

for Design Quality

I am fan. There are pros and cons of course, PROS = fairly easy to produce beautifully responsive EG custom image/post/portfolio etc. galleries, love the power of the meta's and the customizable skins; decent tutorial resources out there / a big CON - the workspace is slow, and has some odd quirks (...don't you dare close that modal image edit window without saving)

- but overall it is a five star product.

for Flexibility

Es dauert etwas bis man es versteht, aber es ist die tollste Galerie. NGG ist nun endgültig in der Mülltonne.


Author response

Vielen Dank für die Blumen! Und bitte nicht vergessen, daß man die beiden auch nebeneinander nutzen könnte. Also mit Essential Grid bestehende NGG Alben anzuzeigen.

Cheers von Deinem Team @ ThemePunch

Very very good product, everything is outstanding, support can be very slow but you cant deny they know their stuff, always impress.

for Other

Plugin works well all around. Lots of customization options and easy to use. Customer service/support is excellent.