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Hey, I got this plugin with the X theme. I know support isn’t offered by you but I had some doubt and please help me regarding this. I have WooCommerce website & I have a product grid. The product has VAT options. But in the product grid, VAT isn’t visible. Example: On the single product page, the price is $100(including $20 VAT) while on the grid the price is $80. I want to include the VAT in the grid as well. Does this require custom work? If yes, which file is to be edited? Can you please roughly guide me through this? Thanks alot.

Thanks for your request !

Most of your questions can be answered by browsing through our detailed online documentation and FAQ page and

As you have received our plugin via a theme purchase, there are two options:

1. For setup and integration issues, please contact the theme author directly. If you want to update the plugin, you will have to wait for the theme author to include the latest version in their theme. With the latest plugin .zip file you can then do a manual update.

2. If you need direct support from us as well as automatic updates in the backend, you can purchase a plugin license from us. The license key you receive can be entered in the plugin backend and will unlock the automatic update feature for you. When commenting on the envato item page or submitting a ticket to our support system, you can also enter the purchase code to become eligible for support.

We hope that this clears things up a bit!


madmuse777 Purchased

Hi. I’m interested in purchasing this plugin. Before I buy I want to know if it is possible to add a detail project page (like a single post page) to an image? So for instance,if I want to use the gallery to display images of my web design, graphic design etc. work and when you click on the image I want to link that tells you about the work involved with the project. Will I be able to do that with this plugin?

Hi madmuse777,

Yes this is possible with Essential Grid via the “post content” Lightbox and also the Ajax post-content options:

Cheers from the team @ ThemePunch

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Does this plugin support pods custom fields to display under the featured image?

Hi! I wish to show woocommerce product variations (like the same product, but in different colours, for instance) on a grid or carousel, like if they were individual simple products, but they are not, they are variations of a variable product, linking to the parent product.

Is this my plugin?

hmmm i thinking to create photography web, but can this plugin show images from media library !!! i mean source media library…

hello, how can i do a grid like this link (at top) 1 2 2