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Nice job, well done :)

Thanks, this is only the first version. We are working to create a big project ;-)

Hello, Are you planning to extend it beyond visual composer. If so I am keenly interested to buy this addon.

Hi Vishal, it is extended for Visual Composer. ;-)

I purchased your plugin to use on a new site I am developing. I am simultaneously building two versions: v1 is built on The7 theme. v2 is built on the Salient theme.

The7 theme seems to be more compatible with your plugin. However I am having a few Responsive issues and I am finding it is not working well when I view on FireFox. Have you had any issues with FireFox display? For example, i set up a Row with two columns. I want their to be a space between the two columns where I have a Doo banner in both, set up side by side. But in Firefox there is no space . When I look at it on a phone, the Doo Banner does not resize down properly in Firefox. It shows fine in Chrome on my Android phone.

Sorry this publicly posted. I was trying to send you comment privately. Can I send you link privately?

Thanks Ben

I found a way to send you private message. Thank you!

I want to make it clear to everyone looking at this plugin that it works fabulously! I had an initial issue with Firefox but the developer cleared up the problem immediately. Great support and great product! Thank you.

Thanks! :-)

Hello Author,

Can you pls share what this plugin does? How can we use it for our site www.financebazaar.com

Best, Avik

If you have visual composer this plugin can help you to create a very nice websites. I visited your sites and i think you can create some internal sections. So, in home page you can create some banners for “Our office”, “Where we are”, “Services”... If you have to create some banners, giving life and create an experience for your users, or create a carousel, this plugin is ideal for you.

I’ve installed the plug-in on my wordpress site and activated it – But when I go to edit the page with VC, there are no elements in the elements panel that say “DOO” anything. Am I missing something?

Hi there, i have noticed that when resizing the browser window that the heading fonts dont resize and can go outside some of the lines created by the effects. Is there a way around this to make the headings and the text responsive?

is there any way to add custom images and/or icons into the text fields? What options are there to edit the positioning and alignment of title and subtitle?


I purchased this plugin, and it works great, but I got a question from my client about how it works on mobile devices. I see that the images are responsive to the smaller screens – but I think they are asking about the animation. Can or should the animation work? I ask because we are using Auriga for a page w/ images, but the titles never show below the images on mobile devices. Is there a way to show the titles, even if they are just static, on mobile devices? Thanks in advance.

Hello i have some bug on SAFARi ( Version 7.0.3 )

For exemple bullino box don’t take the height from the image. But take a 100% height.

And on your demo page with safari you have a lot of bug. When did you upload an update ?

I do not rate your plugin for now ‘cause it’s the beginning, but please do an update :)

I find a quick fix for Bullino on Safari:

.grid figure img { height: auto !important; min-height: inherit !important; }

Hi whats the difference between this version and the WP.org version?

your demo website don’t work on safari:


How can i set fashion banner with no margins around? Image banner works ok when i set margins to 0, but works not with fashion banner. please help!

Hi there, I just purchased Essential Doo Components, partially to use things like the Fashion Banners, but especially to control the font on the banner, but I don’t see this option still, even with the pro version.

Please, how can I change the font on the banners?

The title on my fashion banner is out of the frame! It doesn’t look like that on the sample site.

Also, changing the size of the description font doesn’t work.

Please help me out. There are no fields to change the position, or anything.

Hello Diego

The Plugin isn’t workin with Wordpress 4.5 and the Visual Composer :(

Link would not save, title isn’t shown correctly..

Thx for help

Hi there, The plugin isn’t working with the latest Wordpress. I can get the hover effect (looks great!) but the images are not responsive no matter what settings I apply. Also hover title doesn’t show on mobile… Any update coming? Please???

Hi, your Plugin has many errors on Safari Browsers. Can you please fix this?

thanks in advice!

Hi there,

I’ve got a problem with the links from Doo banners. The don’t seem to obey the _blank option, either from the checkbox or from manually putting it in to the link. How would I get it to work?