Discussion on eSpeech - Text to Speech Marketplace with SaaS

Discussion on eSpeech - Text to Speech Marketplace with SaaS

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Can you add more currencies so that the user can choose which currency they want to pay in? Can you translate the admin panel?

Is the voice API free or paid?

The cost of the API totally depends on the service providers. It keeps on changing. It would be better if you can explore there text to speech charges on their official website like google, AWS, IBM and Azure ( microsoft )

Hope this should be helpful.

Thank you

I don’t know where to look for information, can you provide links to official websites?

I found the answer in the documentation

Hi. 1. can you give a free user the ability to create 5 recordings per month? 2. is there a safeguard against creating multiple accounts? 3. will you add a referral system – the person inviting gets a paid account for a month when the person signing up buys the paid package. 4. will there be an Android version?

Hello choose-project,

1. There is a system of free-tier already available in it. You can set the number of characters to let users try in the free tier.

2. There is no direct way to prevent that, you can only enable email verification and check that.

3. This can be implemented in the future updates or if you want it urgently, you can customize the system.

4. Yes, we already have a flutter application for the same that can help you build android and iOS apps. Here is the link >>

Hope these should be helpful to you.

Thank you

Is the web version combined with the phone version? That is, the user can access the account from the app and from the computer?

Hello, Can I charge my customers with Regular License? Thanks!

Hello TonyHoang80,

Yes, you can obviously charge your customers with regular license.

Thanks! I see the front end doesn’t support multi languages. Do you have plan to add it?

Hello TonyHoang80,

Sure, we will note this and try to implement this in the upcoming updates.

We appreciate your feedback.

Thank you

brown7477 Purchased

I contacted your support by Skype and he was not able to fix the problem. At this point I think it may be best to request a refund so I can get a similar product and move on with my product so I can get it launched.

brown7477 Purchased

I tried to sent this message privately but my support requests are being posted in the comments

Hello brown7477,

Your issue was resolved yesterday, sorry due to weekend our team wasn’t available for full day. For any kind of technical support stay in touch with the support group.

Thank you

Hey there. I am having issues getting eSpeech installed. I have created the Db and followed all the included documentation but I am getting a 500 error.

My installation is @

The db info is here in the .env file. Nothing else has been altered. app.baseURL = ‘'
  1. app.forceGlobalSecureRequests = false
  1. app.sessionDriver = ‘CodeIgniter\Session\Handlers\FileHandler’
  2. app.sessionCookieName = ‘ci_session’
  3. app.sessionExpiration = 7200
  4. app.sessionSavePath = null
  5. app.sessionMatchIP = false
  6. app.sessionTimeToUpdate = 300
  7. app.sessionRegenerateDestroy = false
  1. app.CSPEnabled = false


  1. DATABASE #--------------

    database.default.hostname = localhost database.default.database = tooltips_t2sdb database.default.username = tooltips_t2suser database.default.password = 4Gkp*0u06 database.default.DBDriver = MySQLi database.default.DBPrefix = t2s_

Hello brown7477 sir,

Please kindly contact us on skype for the technical support. Our team will help you.

Here is the skype ID: live:.cid.91dfc4996df44d44

Thank you

Hello, any plans to in lude voice cloning features into the system ript.

Hello iDavi,

Can you explain me what do you mean by voice cloning of the voices?

Thank you

Azure api offers a way tobupload / trading you voice and it will then allow you to generate audio from text in your own voice

I see, If it is so than that can be achieved by customizing it. For the further or technical information on the APIs you can also share with the documentation links if possible. It would be a great help.

Thank you


ali17931 Purchased

HELLO WHY ITS SHOWING ME 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!

Hello ali17931,

Contact us on Skype for the support. Our team will help you fix the issue. Skype ID is live:.cid.91dfc4996df44d44

Thank you

Why does the demo only allow 50 characters? That is not enough to test with. 50 characters is not even 1 sentence.

Hello brown7477,

It might have been updated by mistake, we have not updated it to 150 characters for a free trial. Please check.

Thank you

brown7477 Purchased

150 is not enough either. You should allow several sentences to be tested with different voice samples. 2000 characters would be better.

Sorry, but then due to demo version we cannot exceed the limit of characters. However it is a dynamic setting from the admin panel, if you want you can increase that from your panel for you.

Hope this should be helpful.

Hi, I just bought the script. I am getting a 500 error, no other information given, even after uncommenting CI_Development. I see where there are htaccess issues? can you please tell me if there is something we need to do if installing in a subdomain?

Hello eliaseg,

Kindly contact us on skype for the technical assistance. If you want to debug what is the error in the background, you can try to uncomment the environment variable in .env file and see the error. Skype ID : jaydeepjgiri

Thank you

as you can see above, i uncommented CI_Development, there is no information to give you to help. I will contact you on skype.

We are connected on skype so let’s continue there. Thank you

Subject: Inquiry About eSpeech Licensing Terms and Conditions

Dear [infinitietech],

I am writing to inquire about the licensing terms and conditions for eSpeech, specifically the regular and extended licenses. I am interested in using eSpeech on my website to provide text-to-speech functionality, and I want to ensure that I am in compliance with the appropriate licensing terms.

Could you please provide me with more information about the terms and conditions of the regular and extended licenses? Specifically, I would like to know:

What are the key differences between the regular and extended licenses? What are the usage limitations for each license type? What are the costs associated with each license type? Are there any additional features or benefits associated with the extended license that are not included with the regular license? Additionally, I am interested in learning more about how to purchase and activate the license for eSpeech. Can you provide me with information on how to purchase the appropriate license for my needs, and how to activate it on my website?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best regards,

[Adlix ]

Hello reyanshmookie99,

Sure we would help you clear your queries.

The majority of items are covered by our Standard Licenses. If your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user (your customers) then a Regular License is what you need. An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the end product or service.

You can find more information about licensing here >>

However, you can proceed with the regular license as per the authors Authorization.

Hope this should be helpful.

Thank you

Do you have any plans to integrate an AI writer into eSpeech?

Hello omnisoftex,

As of now, we have no plan to add an AI writer, but you can surely share with us the API or more details if you have one, we would definitely love to explore.

Thank you

Hello friends. I have tried to reach you guys in Skype but I did not have any answer.

I am having trouble with my email settings for eSpeech.

I need to resolve this issue because some of my customers want to change their passwords.

The SMTP settings have already been configured and the email templates are completed.

However, when a user tries to change their password, no email is sent and no error message is displayed.

How can we fix it?

Hello dear kielingmiguel,

Sorry to make you wait, we would help you tomorrow resolve this and make sure we release the fix version of the same very soon. Hope this should be helpful.

Thank you

Can this accept SRT file to add voice? This way it will respect the subtitle timing

Hello sinaloaeshop,

Sorry, but this feature is still not available, as of now we can only add text files to add the text for the conversion. We would be noting this for future updates.

Thank you

Hello, please for the next update add an audio download button on the home page, the Azure voices also need to be updated.

Hello Arias18,

Sure, we would note this, and to update the voices in the system we have already created an in-built end-point that refreshes the voices in the system every time that route is hit in the browser. Let me share this here.

It is

>> in the background, It runs a function update_all_providers() from app\Helpers\synthesize_helper.php there in case of an error you can try commenting other functions except one and try one by one.

Hope this should be helpful.

Thank you

1- Do we need to purchase any extra plugins after purchasing this theme? 2- Do we need to purchase voices from any other 3rd party platforms or everything will be provided under this theme we dont need to pay anything extra.. 3- Anything special expect text to speech to attract more cutsotmer (for theme buyers)

Hello ysharma,

1. Yes, It uses the third party services for text to speech in the background like AWS, Google, Azure, & IBM. These are paid services and require the subscription. Though they have Free tier in each of these service providers if your monthly usage doesn’t exceed that, you won’t have to pay anything to them.

2. Again, voices will be available from the above mentioned services only, pricings are not based on the voices. These are based on the number of characters you synthesize every month.

3. As of now, This only offers Text to Speech, no other services it provides except this.

Hope these answers would be adequate to help you clear your queries.

Thank you

8. Do you offer or have plans to offer an audio player (WP Plugin)? a. I’d like to use my account to upload to a player on my website blog articles. b. And offer the player to potential customers.

Hello michaelbrannonrealestateagent,

Well, this is good idea but as of now we have no such player that can be integrated in to the website directly. But we would surely try to integrate in the future updates.

Thank you

I have a few questions: 1. Is it possible to upload or modify the “Theme?” a. I’d like to include some additional animation b. I’d like to change some of the wording

2. The app: a. Do you have any “App” documentation? i. How do I access the app? ii. How do I modify the mockup to reflect my brand?

3. Plans: a. If I set up a plan with “Overall Characters” does it reset each month? b. Do I set a monthly plan to “1” or “12”? c. What about an annual plan?

4. Header/Footer: a. Can HTML be added to show Ads? b. Can HTML be added to reflect a “Help Page”?

5. Email Template: a. Do you have any “Email Template” documentation? i. What’s the difference between “Activate User” and “Activate New User”? ii. How can I send test emails?

6. Additional Pages a. How do I add additional pages? I’d like to add a “Refer-a-Friend” program.

7. Coupons a. Is there a way to create/offer coupon codes?

BTW: ...loving the product.

Hello michaelbrannonrealestateagent,

1. Yes, you can modify the content of the theme by modifying some template files in app\Views\frontend\retro\pages folder.

2. (for both app and web we’ve got this)

a. In the context of non-admin users if the plan is for a month, after a month, or the given no of days as specified in the plan tenure, the plan will expire, his remaining characters will not be usable and free characters will take place there.
b. Set 1 for Monthly and 12 for Annual plan tenure.

4. Yes, there is a section under the settings section called Header and Footer scripts, you can put any Javascript code you want.
a. You have to customize the code to add that, as of now there is no such option in the system.

5. Well, as of now there is no specific documentation available for email templates. But let me try to explain this difference here.
a. “Activate user” – when an admin activates any disabled user we’re using this
b. “Activate new user” – This mail is used when New User is registered and his account gets activated after verification. ( Sorry for such confusing names we will improve this and try to keep it simple. )

6 & 7. You have to customize the system to add these pages and functionalities.

We are happy that you really like our system,

Thank you

Thank you for the detailed response!

Please clear up something else for me.

Should I replace the image:

a) in the app\Views\frontend\retro\pages folder by altering the image source file

Yes, you can change images in the view files inside above mentioned location.

There are lot’s of issues with the platform! 1- at frontend, Discounted price is not showing 2- Not able to change Voice Name, Like i don’t want to show this is from gcp, aws, azure and all…. I want to give them unqiue voice over artist name. Like speechelo, And they are offering everything at better price than you! I thought the there will be the customizations possible! 3- Can’t customize plans, only limited options How do you resolve all these issues for me?

Hello rkvkuldeep ji,

You can contact us on our skype, our technical team may help you in case of issues related to our original code. We will be available from Monday to Friday 9.00AM to 6.00PM IST. Skype ID : jaydeepjgiri

Thank you

Script UI is very good but lots of basic features missing like. 1 – If someone buy a plan for 100000 Characters for 1 month if he/she used that 100000 characters within 15 days and then buy again 100000 characters on day 16 then what will happen. Will 100000 characters will be credited to their account or they have to wait more 15 days to expire their current plan? Will that plan overwrite or what will happen i have no idea ?

2 – How to remove characters credit from user account? Is there any way?

3 – How to find which user is using how much credits?

4 – How to hide vendor logos? Like Google, Azure, IBM, AWS? They are selling plans cheaper then us. Why someone buy from us? Any Logic?

5 – When i add two Subscriptions on one user account one after one then it is shows first plan is active and second plan is upcoming. But the start and end date is over lapping? Look my 1st question.

6 – What to do if user ask for refund? How to deactivate user account after refund and how to remove remaining credits from user’s account? Payment processors don’t like these day if we can’t give refund or if user complain about our service.

7 – How to add new page Like FAQ, Help and documentation?

8 – No cron jobs setup? I have to clean old audiofiles my self one by one?

9 – English Character count is perfect but other languages character count is not perfect. Put 40 hindi characters but unable to synthesize, it says character limit exceeded? I have set 100 character limit for Free Tier.

Hello dear Razzy007,

We appreciate your feedback and queries. Let’s do one thing, let’s connect via Skype for further discussion and details on each of these points. Our technical team will be available from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm IST. Here is the Skype ID jaydeepjgiri

Thank you


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