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for Customer Support

I so much appreciated the support given to and I equally appreciated the consideration I was given at general.
Thanks a bunch

for Documentation Quality

Local installation (on PC with XAMPP) failed, the documentation is completely inadequate and customer support not much better. The product relies on platforms (laravel) which I could not install within XAMPP. Without prior local installation the product is not an option for me.

for Feature Availability

It's a decent e-commerce solution, but lacks some planning out I feel.

1) The orders section of the admin table doesn't include order ID's or associated Payment ID with the 3rd party API (i.e; If a customer pays in Stripe, the backend of the app doesn't include that data). Pretty important for managing orders.

2) Adding photos to products is a mess. You have to re-upload all photos each time you want to add a new photo to a product. A better multi-upload interface would go a long way.

3) Editing emails is done via HTML files in the code, a better solution would be an email template editor in the Admin section with variables that you could use.

There are additional issues, but if you're a decent PHP developer, you can fix the gaps and bugs.

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