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Good games, try to add more characters and maybe rewards video and you will sell more and more.

Good Luck.

Thank you for the advice!

Hi Mario,

Congrats on your game, tell you the truth i like it, but the control of the character is very hard and clumsy, can you change the way user is controlling the character?

If you will add 4 arrows (up, down, left, right) and give full character control to the user i will buy it!

Hello there,

Thanks for the advice

That can be achieved by editing two lines of code.

I want to buy, can you add admob?

Hi there, Currently I have no time but if you check some online tutorials you’d see how easy it really is. Thanks

Can you sell Escher Man and Tippy Tap in one package? Because Tippy Tap has admob, and I use as example.

You can buy both! =)

HELLO, Can this be built on iOS as well?

n is there a guide on that too included

Hello there, Yes it can because it’s an Unity3D project. Atm I can´t provide any guide to do so because I haven´t done it myself. Feel free to explore. Thank you,


can i edit the game and publish it on google play with the free Unity3D edition?

Hi there, yes you can. I did it with unity free edition

great work mate. good luck