Discussion on ESCAPE THE FUZZ

Discussion on ESCAPE THE FUZZ

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Nice game! : -)

do you have the android version?

The game comes with a special index made to be packaged as iOS app or Android app by using Ludei’s CocoonJS

I normally use Construct 2 games. I really like this, but want to know about monetization methods. I would also love to use IntelXDK as the wrapper. How easy is it to ad say Admob to this for Android?

Can you provide the exact settings used when compiling the came in coCoonJS? Google rejected the app due to this, “Your app submission has been rejected because it contains security vulnerabilities, which is a violation of our dangerous products policy.”

Hi, the error you get is due to webview, perhaps Ludei are using a deprecated version of Codova for implementing it, anyway, webview is not a good choice for pubblishing game because its poor performances. You have to substitute the default index.html file with index_cocoonjs.html one. I mean: rename index.html to index_web.html (or delete it) and rename index_cocoonjs.html to index.html When you compile the project in cocoonjs chose canvas+ so you can benefit of the accelerated canvas.

great thank you


insted of deploying the game with url on my site can I also use the path? That would be easier for me when I move the side with the game from testserver to webserver.

Thanks and regards,


Yes, this one and the one to deploy the game: MORE_GAMES_URL value”,

they must be valid URLs, they are not addresses used internally by the server but are used by clients browsers for contacting the server.

Ok, thank you very much!

Hi, I would like to insert the game to my homepage. I did it with iFrame so far but it doesn’t look good and its not realy responsive any more. I have insertet your game “Zombies” with iFrame in my page, too. For some reason this works better. I looked on other pages that did insert “Escape the Fuzz” with iFrame in theire sides and it looks better there, but I can’t find out what they made different from me. Can you tell me a better way to deploy the game insite a homepage? Thanks and regards, Pingpong

hi, codecanyon itself, for example, is using iframe for the game live preview, you have to manage in order to make the iframe responsive by using css on you pages, so, the game will try to fill the iframe the better it can.

here an example of a full page iframe:
<iframe src="" style="width:100%; height:100%"> </iframe><(code>
hosted it here.. it just shows black screen

its not even working offline.. (extracted zip file with no changes) same issue.. need to fix any thing ??

if you watch the console of your browser you will see a message of this kind: 404 (Not Found) it seems to me you have not uploaded all files to the server or you have changed the directory structure.
Please check it.

As for running it offline, it probably be stopped by “cross-origin request” security errors. With Chrome, for example, you need to use the “-disable-web-security” parameter or better “-allow-file-access-from-files” when launching the browser. This must be done in order to test any local content, else the browser will complain when trying to load assets through XHR.

no. i have uploaded everything.. and havent changed any file structure.. adn i mainly want it to work inside all platform apps.. (mainly windows phone) i tried to use html app project by copying the content. even there it displays just black screen

this is the link of one of the resources the game needs in order to run: as you can see it is not available on your site, you have to check why.

The game runs fine on winphone browser, anyway, we haven’t tested any html5 wrapper on this platform. For Android and iOS, CocoonJS is the wrapper of our choice for distributing it as app.

Hi, I would like to use the game for iOS but is it touch responsive? It says to use arrows to move how would this work for mobile. Thanks

Hi, the game says so when you play it on desktop, when on mobile it says “Move the hero by swiping in the four direction”. Try it yourself by playing on your iDevice from here

Hey. Great game. How do I get rid of the more games button and link? I’ve searched the javascript, the css and the html and I don’t see where your adding it but, I don’t know Json so, I wonder if it’s in one of the Json files and I just don’t know it. Thanks.

Never Mind, I figured it out.

thank you for the appreciation!

great work! GLWS.

thank you very much!

Hi guys, why wont this game wowkr for us? it works fine in Safari but not in chrome or firefox

Hi, we can’t replicate the error with Firefox, instead, we confirm there is a problem with newer versions of Chrome.
The problem is due to the support of gamepad.
We will fix the bug in next update.
In the meanwhile you can fix the game by doing so:
open the file js/game.js
find if(-1<navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("chrome")||-1<navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("firefox")) and substitute it with if(1!=1)
this will disable gamepad support but the game will run fine on Chrome (and on Firefox too I suppose)

You can do more share function on facebook or somthing like that. that help it to be viral.

I want to purchase the games for my own usage, can I customize all the images and audio? Just using the framework logic only?

Hi, sure you can, you can swap image files with others having the same size (number of pixels), you can replace sounds and you can design your own game maps by using Tiled Editor ( You can consider buying Pac Maker ( because this game is a reskinning of Pac Maker and it has extensive documentation oh how customize it.

Hi, your Escape the Fuzz pacman game looks great. I know I can customise the graphics, no problem. But is it possible for me (not an advanced coder) to make a different map? Or how much would customisation cost to have a new map (and how long would it take)? Your customisation can keep the same graphics and animations as I can change those myself.

Kind regards, Matt

Hi, you can make a different map without a single line of code, just download Tiled editor to edit the maps that come with the game or to make a completely new one if you wish (I suggest to start from an old one and modify it)

perfect, thanks

Each trial has to start from the beginning however I clear 80% of the coins. Why?

Also, How to make new levels?

the game it’s designed to behave so.
you can design new levels by using Tiled (

Hi, we purchase this game with code and date: 9ec8b036-d08a-4391-8a78-558e1e5a5320 – 8 Jun 2018

Is there a way to disable the PHP function? We would like to host this game inside our JS app and we don’t want to use a PHP server to store the score data.


Hi, open the file data/prefs.json (the configuration file) scroll down till you find

SUBMIT_SCORE_BUTTON value”, type”, properties label Score Button”, description or disable the Submit Score Button from showing in Game Over screen.”, group” } }

set the “value”: “false” so the save button will not be visible anymore

Hey There,

We’re currently having problems running the game on anything other than Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We can narrow down the problem in the games “game.js” javascript file. The game works up until the game requests user arrow key input and flags “SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property ‘axes’ of undefined or null reference” I’ve done a little research and I’m under the assumption that it has to do with the gamepad library but I was wondering if you had any information on how to help us? Ideally we were looking have the game on mobile and PC platforms but currently it is restricted to Firefox and Safari only.


hello, I can’t reproduce the error. I just tried the game with Chrome on desktop and with the default browser on a couple of Android phones. Can you give me some more details so to reproduce it?


Hopefully we can find a solution. The error occurs both when we export it online and running it through the index file. The only thing I can really find is the error comes from what was mentioned above. It loads the menu and the level select perfectly fine but as soon as we select a level it throws the javascript error and freezes on “Press Arrows to start” with the game.js file saying “unable to get property ‘axes” of undefined or null reference. We are opening the index by using “open with” and selecting edge/chrome and the error seems to persist when uploaded onto the website.


Hey there,

We managed to fix the issue by taking out the gamepad code and stick strictly to document.onkeydown and the input code. Not sure what was causing the issues with the gamepad code but it was just throwing null reference errors when called.

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