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Looks very nice :)

Good luck with sales! :D

Wow quite a cool concept. Good luck! =]

will this catch fatal errors too?

I’m not sure fatal errors but i know one for sure, it’s not catching parse errors. Some of the errors php not allowing you to catch it, but it catches all the highest level php errors.

Most of the time you’ll use for exceptions and common php errors.


nevermind on the fatal error question, I downloaded the script and am blown away by how simple you made it. Great job!!

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while…I especially like the backtrace feature. Thanks again!

Great job, looks cool.

And if you are one of those Anonymous dudes hacking people’s checking accounts in Texas watch out, the feds are chasing you guys down. (Kidding, just teasing about your profile image.)

Nice work, hope you get lots of sales, might pick it up on my next site I sell.

Does this work with php 7?