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Great job ;)

Thank you!

:) I sent you an email yesterday? Check it

Well done!

hello? Did you received my email????

5 days, whats up man?


Responding to email now.

great job i really like dworking great found a bug when there is no error displays missing variable $missing_errors in admin.php line 523 just added a validation for isset($missing_errors) before foreach($missing_errors as $domain=>$dates){ .. }

could you add a delete option to remove errors and dont keep the Db growing

;) It’s in the works – I promise that!!!

A client’s WordPress website started slowing down after they installed a plugin. I hooked my error logger into it and OMFG – the plugin they installed generated 5,000 errors in the matter of a few minutes … My Error Log Server took it just fine – but now there is a 30 second delay on my admin script while DataTables does its thing … Which is when I inevitably discovered the “limit” bug.

So yeah, there is going to be a few more features added to handle these cases.

Any other requests, feel free to let me know!

great let you know any idea to make it better

Added help videos at the bottom of the description page.

Uploading Version 0.1.1 – lots of bug fixes and new features.

Update 0.1.1

A huge update is now ready for download. Fixed a number of bugs and added a number of user requested features.

Please read the Read Me directory if you are updating the script.

its working fine with notices. but actual php errors are still causing white pages with just the error on it. any suggestions?

It depends on what kind of error it is. Some errors [eg: Fatal] will actually stop the parsing of PHP and show the error. There is no way for my script to prevent this from happening.

Another possibility is that this is being initiated too low in the parsing process. You want to initiate the error catcher as one of the first things that PHP parses as it tells PHP what to do with the errors that it finds on rest of the page. In other words – you want this at the top of your script. If you PM me the website with the error via my Profile I might be able to help a little bit better.


new version gives me a not defined context variable error in error_catcher.php, also you should include php version on each error, when getting errros from different site would be great to know what version of php each site is running

Which variable is not defined in error_catcher.php ?

PHP Version is a great suggestion!! I will see if I can get this implemented in the next release.

I have a question:

Can I install the script on more than one website? Like 2-3 personal blogs? It will show me which blog has the error? For this which license I need to buy? Thanks a lot

Error Logger is a two part script:
1.) Error Log Server
2.) Error Log Catcher

You can buy a standard license and install the Error Log Server on one domain. You can add the Error Log Catcher on as many domains as you would like.

The Error Log Server is a central repository where Error Log Catcher sends all the errors.

Yes, the system shows you the domain (and specific file) which caused the error.

Hi im having issues trying to get the preg match error log line to work. the current one is showing as invalid..

Warning: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: No ending delimiter ‘’ found in C:\xampp\htdocs\errorlog_server\import.php on line 31

\[((.?)\s(.))\]\sPHP\s(Parse error:|Warning:|Fatal error:)\s\s(.)\sin\s([/|Unknown].)\son\sline\s(\d+)$#msU

nvm this seems to work \[((.?)\s(.))\]\sPHP\s(Parse error:|Warning:|Fatal error:)\s\s(.)\sin\s(.?)\son line\s(.*)

there’s two hats ^ at the start n end

is this project active?

Hello, callstack of error is logged too?