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Very nice job!
Good luck with the sales!
The size of the generated picture can be controlled?

thanks my friend. Picture size calculating automaticly to looking font size and characters lenght. If you want to change picture size, you can change width, height variables and create function in captcha.class.php.

best regards, erdem.

Hi, this looks good and works for me – partially!

Now and again the image will not load for me

Goto: and refresh a few times, the image ends up breaking quite a lot :(

Any idea why this would happen?

hi, your dictionary words not loaded successful. please redefine your wordlist.php file path correctly. wordlist.php file not loaded while class generating captcha.

Works perfectly now, thanks :)

I’m getting this Warning in the logs. What does it exactly mean. There’s no commenting or nothing in documentation.

Encrypted value dont decrypt with this salt and password. Please check them!


I fixed the first log error.

Although, on the demo and when I try to use it in my form, I get the below warning. The below warning is from the demo.

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/content/c/o/i/coinless/html/personalsavers/demo/index.php:12) in /home/content/c/o/i/coinless/html/personalsavers/class/captcha.class.php on line 23

Thanks for the tip. I got it all to work.

Is there anyway to not have your form clear, if the captcha is not valid? It could be a pain, when a person has to fill out a lengthy for again.

Thanks in advance

Can you please let me know on my second question, if there’s away to not have a form clear if the captcha is incorrect.

Thanks in advance.

if you dont want to clear your form when form not filling correctly, you can use ajax.

Hi dude, how i can change the display seting like this:

actually you have on image.php

$c = new Captcha(); $c->set_variables($settings); echo $c->create();

but i use a template function, i make all php code and make tags to use on the template but if i do something like

$c = new Captcha(); $c->set_variables($settings); $myimage = $c->create();

this still show only the image directly how i can avoid this, i want to do like this

$c = new Captcha(); $c->set_variables($settings); $myimage = $c->create(); echo $myimage;

hi, thanks for purchased. create function is set headers content type to image. so you can’t assing this function to any variable. Because, page has a one content type for showing in a browser.

Create your captcha image in a new page. and add it with tag.


Excelent! This captha work on my phpBB forum!

Thanks for feeding. i glad for this :)

Hello! Thanks for a simple and neat solution… I do have a little problem though, when the captcha box isn’t filled out and I press submit, it returns ‘Captcha is valid’

However when i actually fill out the right code it returns ‘Captcha is not valid’

Any help?

Please check your if else commands. Something gones wrong about if else commands. You can connect with me with my profil page. I’ll be glad for helping to you.

Hi ,

the image is not loading.

Even it is not loading when I uploaded your demo files.

Please can you explain why?

Many Thanks

Hi, thanks for buying. Can you send your php error logs and apache error logs? Probably this problem about file paths. Please email your log files to me. I’ll be proud to help you.

When I put in the wrong captcha it still sends the form.

Can you tell me why and how to fix?

Respectfully, LMW

Hi Leonard, I am sorry, i dont answer to you quickly. Can you send my some screenshots or video preview?

I will glad to help you.

is it possible to add a condition to it for ex. captcha to be shown only when an ip address opens more than 5-10 pages a time ???

hi my friend, you can do this on your script. Captcha class dont use any database (sql, text etc.) it cannot count pages but if you (or your programmer) can code it like this,

if(countOpenedPages > 5) { // show captcha }

i will glad to help you. thank.

Hi eralabs , thanks for fast reply :) plz check ur mail

Plz check ur mail bro

Keeps saying captcha is incorrect