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Thank you so much !

Can u add admob ads?

I have purchased… Can u send source code+admob ads to my email goofyghoest@yahoo.com Thanks.. :)

Of course, we will do and send to you in max 2 business day

check email. Sent

Is it possible to ingrate with my mp3 player. I loved the equalizer ..

Yes, Of course !

one more question. Is this equalizer build on java or C ?

Java Android, Please

i tested demo apk and it crash on two devices one emulator and another real device

Please do not test on Emulator, becuase it not support Equalizer

as i said i tested on real device (my device) also and it crash after splash screen Galaxy s4

Galaxy S4 ? OK I will test now !

Can add admob and start app ads ? Thanks,

Yes, We can add Admob free, but start apps, give us more 20$ for this

Demo APK crashes on HTC one M7. Works on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, but there is a bug. When you pause a song, it doesn’t start when hitting play again. Can you fix this? Already purchased your app.

Can you send me logcat of crash on HTC M7. Becasue We do not have HTC M7 device

Can you add admob Ads Banner+intersitial ?

Yes, please email to us. We will send you project have admob integrated

OK i have already sent email to you.

I sent

i want to buy this project.. but what is have admob Ads intersitial ?

Yes, Have it admob + intersital