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How much traffic per day on a site?

It really depends on how much your computer is powerful and if the proxies are fast. With my specs (i7 – 32gb ram) I am able to run 50-60 parallel tasks which equals to 2000-3000 views every 2-3 minutes

working demo please

Hi, at the moment we do not offer a free trial if you meant that. If you meant a video showcase I am working on it and will soon update this page with it

Is it easy to setup?

Easy to setup and I provide assistance in case you need it

If I send traffic on this domain : can I show the traffic stats on ?

as I want show this traffic stats to my client as we don;t have access of Google analytics of my client’s website.

can we send traffic from social media platform?

is it organic traffic? does it show on google analytics? and google webmasters?

does it 100% safe for google adsense?

what is the time direction of each session? can we spread traffic for whole day in every hours?

How many sites/ task should i used as a time ?

Final questions before buying.

we recently purchase this software :

does your software cover all the features that above software provide?

Above software have some limitations like. we can’t spread traffic for whole day and if we send traffic on this domain then we can’t show traffic stats here

please answer

Hi, I answered on email regarding this.

hi i have not gotten credentials

hello, I sent you everything this morning on the email you used for contacting support. Can you check spam folder?

thanks seen now , do you have documentation

Hi, I am still doing some updates to the software. Docs will be ready once every update will be released. Please remember to update daily your software to get the new features.

Hello, can this be used to click on competitors ads as I think they are doing it me and draining my budget?

Please write to regarding this.

I am still waiting for my credencails to use sofwear i purchase. Let me know how i can use it on deferent pc , 1 pc at a time since i will be changing my windows vps from time to time, that is where i want to run sofware

Hi, please write to to get your credentials

I have a question for my website it would be appreciated if you can contact me in skype: stanfordesign


I installed this tool on my Windows Laptop but I am not able to register it.

In Username and password, I am entering a unique name/pass and in Serial Key, I have put the give purchase code. But it is giving me error: ” Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click ‘Quit’, the application will close immediately.

The input is not a valid Base-64 string as it contains a non-base 64 character, more than two padding characters, or an illegal character among the padding characters.”

Kindly check the issue, why this error is being popped up. Thanks.

Hi, you need to enter the credentials that I send via email after purchase. Please check your email :)

I want to buy this plugin. But first what is the system or laptop Requirements

I want to buy another second license of this software but i am not satisfied with the proxy system, i find my traffic cannot spread out to different locations even when i try some free proxy, any one with a solution on this

Hi, I recommend you to use rotating proxies with this software for best and fastest results

can i have guide or ducumentation to use this it a bit complex, there are so many otions i dont know how to control them. or is it better for me to install and use the old version if it less complex ?

i need to get documentation man am confused! how do i set it to run for a long time and all i have a strong pc 16gb ram

Hi, sorry for the long reply, can you contact me at support email?


freddy666 Purchased

Hi, this seems like a great tool, but I am looking for something than can do this: open google and do a search for my words, click a url on the serps page, click a link inside the page, sit for a few minutes then change ip and do it again. Can your software do this? Thanks

yes it can do this :)