Epic Traffic Bot

Epic Traffic Bot


Epic Traffic Bot is the only tool that you will ever need to automate any web tasks and send massive traffic to your website or videos and rank highers on serps!

Epic Traffic Bot was built in C# with the most recent programming paradigms, thus making it one of the fastest traffic bot ever created and one of the most complete ones.


We use a completely modified chromedriver inside the program that leaves 0 footprints while navigating to web pages. Our bot completly bypasses advanced bot mitigation softwares like Distil Networks and Google itself!

Also you will be able to customize any important data like referrers, user-agents, language headers, proxies and much more to make it undetectable while sending traffic to your website.

Epic Traffic Bot also supports proxies, both in this format:

  • ip:proxy
  • ip:proxy@username:password

We also provide for free thousands of anonymous proxies downloadable directly inside the program.


With our software it’s possible to send traffic directly or through a search engine like Google or Youtube.

You will be able to modify custom parameters during search like wait times, human behaviour and click percantage rates, thus making our software one of the most complete search traffic generators.


It’s also possibly to automate any web tasks with our advanced scripting module, which supports commands like:

  • Click elements on web page.
  • Click ads on web page.
  • Type text to input fields and textareas
  • Check checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • Scroll down, scroll up like real humans.
  • Loop commands.
  • Automatically change vpn ip.
  • Break recaptcha.
  • Solve image and text captchas with external services or manually with our in-built captcha solver.
  • Download images and save them to folder.
  • Download articles and save them to folder.
  • Download page content in html and save them to folder.
  • Execute custom javascript commands on any webpage.
  • Execute external programs to help you automate tasks.
  • Custom delays.
  • Export filled text.
  • Export filled text if text on web page is found, eg: “Registration complete”, if found then export filled input fields.
  • Log on console if text found on web page.
  • Verify emails automatically, fetch data and click links inside emails automatically to verify emails or other.
  • Other navigation commands: Focus to current tab, focus to previous tab, focus to initial tab, navigate forward, navigate backwards, refresh page, navigate to custom url.


  • Sell traffic to others.
  • Increase serp rank.
  • Increase website rank.
  • Click ads.
  • Automate web tasks.
  • Mass register to websites, export and verify emails.
  • Generate backlinks by automating web 2.0 propertiers.


To get your credentials please contact support after your purchase and we will send them to you asap.

Please allow us some time (maximum 1 business day) to send you your credentials after you purchased the product. Usually it takes 1 hour.

Also Update the program upon registration to obtain the latest undetectable version of the software with much more features.