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Pre-Sales Question: Any user management support for future updates? With SEO on Short Links.System looks great so far..

We’ve designed EOS for simple uses. We can build a custom version of Eos for you, with mostly all the features you want! Some examples of what we can do: User system, multiple roles, letting users use their own domain with your shortener (Like, showing ads before redirecting, password protected redirects, country based redirects, SEO optimised redirects and a lot more. Drop us an email at with the features that you want!

I’m currently writing my own cms, but was currious if you plan to add above systems to a pro version of this script

Well, yes! We’re currently building another script, its focused at bitly level control. Users, user points, multiple redirect methods, advanced referrer and country based analytics and letting the user use their own domain and a lot more. We hope that this one will be launched by Feb.

We already use yourls but it requires db. You say ‘we need no database’. First, how can your app work without a db, where do you store de shortened links. Second, is it possible to upload your script to a subdirectory but use the main domain?

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Thanks for your reply. So, we can install the script to but we will use, right? And if we shorten thousands of links, will it be a problem to create thousands of files?

Yes, you can do that, however, it would require some customisation. We can install it for you, at no additional charge, you will have to provide us with access to the server though. Please drop us an email at before buying the script so that we can finalise the details. Otherwise, we can tell you how and what to change to make it work. Eos can handle practically infinite links, if your server is a shared and really cheap server, the maximum that can happen is that redirection might be slow. If you’re using something powerful, you don’t have anything to worry about.

nice work, DCSF

Thank you!

You do not seem to validate URLs before adding them?

We have basic validation, If no protocol is entered, the script will automatically add http before the url. You can easily create your own validation systems in the functions.php file and the new-link.php file.

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

Thank You!

awesome ! , Good Luck with sell.

Thank You!

im planing to make short urls site , so its easy to make it like “bitly” and other sites & what about the safety and protect the scripts ?

I would recommend that you wait for our advanced script, it is as powerful as bitly, offering multiple types of redirections, custom domains, and multiple user support along with paid users and many other options. It should be available by February. However, yes, you can edit this one too. It should be safe, no code can be inputted as its sanitised. While installing, the script will automatically put all important files to 700 (Only the server can access them)

can not login to admin. i see 404 error after installation

Hey! Please tell us your website address using email at . We’ll do our best to help you out.

thank you. i will write you in a moment

Hi, demo is not working right now. I want to test it to see what script can do.

Hey! the script seems to be working for us. Please tell what the exact problem is and have you disabled javascript?


Very simple & nice UI, however- you should add extra two lines of code to “auto copy” the shortened link to clipboard after generation, you can offer it to be enabled/disabled by tick-box in the admin panel’s settings.


Hello! We’ll add this feature along with the next update.

demo not working, blank page

Have you disabled JS in your browser?


BigDT Purchased

How to install it in directory? i need help, i’ve been emailing you about this

I think we just replied to you. Please check your inbox.

I have a simple question: Where can i find the changelogs? (Great work!)

Here’s the changelog. We’ve added it to the description as well.

Changelog: CURRENT VERSION: 1.2 – 6th March 2017 - Fixed bug in script that caused the admin panel to not work when using a subdirectory.

1.1 – 30th January 2017 -Fixed bug that resulted in links with added forward slash (/) to throw an error. -Added filters to inputs to safeguard against hackers.

1.0 – 11th January 2017 Launched!

Script does not work. First there is a coding mistake in your install.php and after solving this problem and installing the script all one gets is a 500 Internal Server Error.

Hey there! We’re sorry to hear this. We’ve fixed the bugs on your installation already so your script should work just fine and we’ve filed an update with Envato for everybody else. Thank you for informing us about the bug!

Thanks! Great support