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admin panel in demo not working, google blocks site

hello, to access the admin panel, you can click on details and then click on the visit link. We’ve filed a compliant with Google and it should be fixed soon.


dropads Purchased

Hi! nice work with this url shortener! One question: is it possible to add a graphic for the link hits? like by day/hour

¡Best Regards!

Yes, that can be done, it would require some custom coding though.

Hi sir. I need help. I successfully install the script but when i try using it, the short link does not redirect. Please help.

One more thing sir. Can you give me the server requirement for this script to work?

We recommend to automatically manage server software. You can view their FAQs to learn about the software they install.

Ok sir. TQ

Hello! In order to shorten the URLs and to use this script properly, I need to register a short URL? I want to make sure that I understand the script. Thanks.

Yes, you’re right, you’ll need to purchase a domain to make it work. One of our favourite places to look for short domains is , they have hundreds of TLDs, amazing pricing and great support.

WebGuideICT – Thank you bro for htaccess fix!

Dear DevUncoded,script is beauty but my admin panel not working,getting error when clicked on Sign out,Links,Api,Settings?Please help.Thank you in advance

Hello, we’re working on a beta you’ll love which fixes all these errors and introduces a new dashboard, we just need a day to finalize and push it to public testing stage. Just drop us a message at and we’ll give you a download/install link by tomorrow.

Ok Boss! Thank you very much.

I just bought the script. I did the installation, but the homepage is now The admin panel looks garbled at Please help.

Hey! We’ve replied to your email.

Hi, i install all files on the sewrver, i run install.php it’s ok writte all db info, then i have “The requested URL /admin/sign-in was not found on this server.” and 404 error if i run index.php, but those 2 filles are on the server on their good directory! please can you help me

Hello, if you can write us an email at, we can send you a newer version of Eos that fixes this error at no cost.

Done OK THanks

Can you please address the fact that your demo shows that this script is susceptible to XSS? If you fix the XSS issue, I will gladly purchase.

Hey! We’re working on a fix, it should get published soon.

Any plan to allow custom links ?

Hello, custom links can be created via the dashboard, the next update (publishing soon) should have an option to enable it on the front website too. In the meantime, you can always edit the front page on your own.

1) It would be awesome to add ‘Custom URL’ as textarea option for users when shortening link. 2) Also have Stats above Footer ‘348999 URLs Shortened’ (have in <- -!> so users have option to add or not to theme) 3) have User Registration option with Twtr & FB Signup/Login aswell) 4) Have a /themes/ folder and Theming Structure so YOU can SELL themes so not all sites look the same, and add a BareBones Theme with Advanced Documentation so Users/Developers can create their own themes easily.

Very Interested in helping you expand this new script.

P.S – MONETIZING will help you sell more, please add & reCaptcha as options (solve media pays you every time somebody uses the captcha, so make a Contact Page please, and Captcha to Signup & Login on Membership System…. (admin can choose between the different captcha companies) + also Adsense space &, etc.

Hello, We designed Eos primarily for personal uses, however when we do make a script for commercial use, we’ll love to use these ideas! We’re planning to include the custom URL option as well as themes in a later version. Thanks!

Great Stuff! I’ll keep my eyes out for sure! Do you have link to commercial script atm please?

We don’t have one just yet – maybe in some weeks.

Is there a way to add a login page before being able to open the admin panel? Or should I run this on localhost only?

EDIT Never mind, found it already :)

Hello! I’m so sorry about the delay in my reply, we’re overwhelmed with work right now. I see that you’ve already found your answer, don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know something else too!

Hi! Can i install adsense? Or change the home?

Yeah, that shouldn’t be that hard either. You’d just need to collect more data.

If I buy could you help me with this things? I will love to use this script

We can advise you on how to go about customizing Eos but we can’t customize Eos ourselves for you under Envato’s support policy. If you want a fully customized script made just for you, we’d love to talk about it at

how do I use the api? The ”//” of http:// makes problem so what format is used for LINK??

Hello, if the :// part of the link value is creating a problem for you, you can simply encode the value using urlencode() function.

Is there a way to click a button to copy the link? Thanks

The current version doesn’t have this but we’ll add it to the new version!


I have uploaded the files and set them to database, also I can create links. However my referrals from the admin panel are not working. I came across someone with the same problem, where you shared a document with him. Can you also send me the same document?
  • By the way do you plan to add a membership module to your software?


Hi again,

It works as HTTPS while configuring page settings. But after finishing the settings, the page is not displayed as HTTPS.

  • Problem Solved ** HTTPS Problem solved. There is an HTTP connection between the code. **

Hello, we just replied to your email, you should’ve also gotten the link in that message.

Done. Thank u