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Getting a long list of errors! help please

Hello! Could you please send us your website’s address and FTP details so that we can check what the problem is? Thanks!

Hi I’ve sent you emails, and support request. The app is beautiful, however the urls are not working. But the URL is shortened and the admin panel shows the short URL working, and the file writes the URL but it does not load the page

I’ve tried chperm 775 on htacces since you use that for rewrite but that didn’t help

My server does allow URL rewriting though I’ll be happy to check if that’s the case. If you would be so kind as to explain how would you suggest to enable it?


We came up to the conclusion that the problem is with URL rewriting because if we enter data in the normal GET way ( ) everything works. This should help you:

Do you have your custom domain url shortener available yet?

Not yet, we’re currently over loaded with custom developments right now, we’ll work on products as soon as we’re a little free.

It seems like trying to use an existing short code still isn’t handled properly. Will this be updated?

We don’t have an ETA right now, the thing is, we’ve a lot of custom projects at hand but as soon as we’re free, we’ll get right back to creating amazing scripts.

Thank you – is it possible to prevent anonymous users from defining a custom short name? Also, how can I discuss a custom project?

Yes, you can do that easily, all you have to do is replace the index.php file in the root folder with this one: This will also add a back button after link creation. Let me know if you run into any problem. You can email us at for discussing a custom project.

Hi my web index only show black blank website after success install new source any problem with new source?

Hello, this is happening due to CloudFlare settings. Please change in the index.php file to https://

Or you can just use the non https link:

okay thank you :D

Will you ever support the ShareX API? Definitely worth the purchase if so.

ShareX API is designed for file uploading, while Eos is for URL shortening, we don’t plan on adding it to Eos but we can do a special customisation just for you, let us know at if you want to know more.

Hello, I just bought the script and really like it. However, I see a small hitch which is for me negative. I need _ (underscore) and – (hyphen) in my short links. I tried to generate a few with EOS but it always returns a 404 page. Did I forgot something or is it simply a bug?

Thank you very much for your fast reply. I guess I fixed it by myself modifying the htacces file with RewriteRule ^([0-9a-zA-Z-_]+)$ ./redirect?link_id=$1

That’s great!

That’s great!

Another small bug to report. Shortlinks are not verified from the admin panel. If I attempt to add a shortlink from the admin panel and it already exists, the link is added in the database with “0” as shortlink and it is not anymore possible to manage it to remove it.

Thanks for the report! We’ll fix it in the next update too!

Is it possible to enter a custom url? Also can I embed this to my existing file upload?

Thanks for the quick reply, but then I have the folder name in the URL. How can I fix that? :)

Can you email us the link and login credentials? Our email is It should work just fine if the folder name is in url, we’ll just check why it’s not working.

Details have been sent.

After installing I get to the backend and it looks a bit funky and the website itself is just a black page

I need a help, I can’t access to admin panel, I give 404 error, and all my links get error 404 ????????

Can you access the admin panel if you go to ?

Yes, thanks for reply me on my email!...

None of the links for the examples on the API page work. (admin/api) for example:

Hello, looks like you have an old version of the script, please use the latest one.

Hello, I can’t install theme. After database input field when I click install… I get this error, (databse is created, mysql 5.7,) I tried to use localhost, (my hosting provider),;port=3311, but nothing works

Hello, looks like the script is not able to connect to the mysql server, can you try logging in to the database using the same credentials and a program like phpmyadmin?

Credentials are fine… I tried to log-in to php my admin and it works good… the problem was in database, I tried it on MySQL 5.7 and it didn’t work… now I tried mariaDB and it work good….

Nice to hear!

Do you have an api feature?

The admin page is only for one user, the admin. To add this functionality, one way would be to set a cookie in the user’s browser every time they shrink a link with a relative ID (either direct ID of link or a string that is understood as the link ID using the database or AES like encryption) then on the index page, if the user has a cookie with a valid ID, fetch that ID and then display the information. We’re currently working on an advanced link shortener which should be available soon, you can see some analytical data it has here: and We can also custom develop a script for you with any and all design and feature needs you may have, Let us know at

Please provide a manual.

Do you mean a manual for how to customize the script to add user side analytics?

What do you put in your Email ID? Are you going to put your account?

I downloaded the file and uploaded it to the web and set it on the guide page, but there is an error. The other url shorten is doing well on the server. Please provide details about the modified file or the part that needs to be fixed.

We’d need to see it ourselves so could you please follow the steps in the previous reply?

If you do not try harder, I will contact you by email.

In my link shortener, they are constantly adding illegal pages (phishing), how can I block a specific keyword?

Hey! To do this, you’d have to edit the Shrink function in inc/functions.php and add an array of words that you dont want the link to contain and return false if one is found.

And how would the function?

//Shrinks URLs function Shrink($link = ””) { $link = filter_var($link, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL); if (!preg_match(“^(?:f|ht)tps?://i”, $link)) { $link = “http://” . $link; } global $global_db_name; global $global_db_username; global $global_db_password; global $global_db_server; global $global_db_charset; $global_database = new dbConnect([‘database_type’ => ‘mysql’,’database_name’ => $global_db_name,’server’ => $global_db_server,’username’ => $global_db_username,’password’ => $global_db_password,’charset’ => $global_db_charset,]); $min=3; $max=7; $ID = GenerateString(rand($min,$max)); $Taken = $global_database->select(“Links”, “Shortname”, [“Shortname” => $ID]); if(!empty($Taken)) { while($ID) { $ID = GenerateString(rand($min,$max)); $Taken = $global_database->select(“Links”, “Shortname”, [“Shortname” => $ID]); if(!empty($Taken)) { continue; } else { break; } } } $global_database->insert(“Links”, [“Shortname” => $ID, “Redirect” => $link, “Clicks” => 0]); return $ID; }

Today all my shortened links throw me 404 error, why?

Ready, my host has been deleted my redirect.php file!...

Oh, that’s unfortunate. In case they did that on purpose you should switch hosts.


rostmg Purchased

here is a problem

help me to solve it


Looks like you’re using a https connection. The script is configured for a http connection by default. You can just use http:// or switch all links in the index.php file to https://


rostmg Purchased

yes, I’ve edited all .php files in admin folder. just added S into the url protocol. but it would be great to have universal (http and https) solution.

and strange that I do not have possibility to setup custom url from frontend. in previous version I had such possibility.

and it would be great to optimize frontend for mobile devices. the field for entering long url should be bigger on mobile devices

anyway, thanks

Nice ideas, give us a week!


tonzam Purchased

i got it running but when you shrink a url the link doesnt redirect, how can i fix this?

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Seems like your server is not accepting the htaccess configuration, the 404 redirect part more specifically, can you check if mod rewrite is enabled?


ideacolor Purchased

Hi. I’ve bought this script. But it doesn’t work properly. It gives 404 error when entering admin section and shorlinks too. Would you please help solve this problem.

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Seems like your server is not accepting the htaccess configuration. Does domain/admin/sign-in.php work? If so, you should check your server’s htaccess’s acceptance settings, or alternatively you can change all links and add .php to them. Let us know if you need more help!