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Hello, I wonder if it´s possible to import images from descriptions. i´ve seen the settings and there is an option but it looks it´s not working. Am I right?

Hello! Please, select this option: and check again. Thank you!

Thank you for such a quick reply. I did checked that option and just in case I did it again on the demo, this is one of the products

It seems the plugin is taking the first picture it finds and set it as featured, but it does not insert it in the description. Now you have 4 products on the demo site, no one has a single image in the description area. If you compare them with the originals, lots of images (with info) are missing.

The product ( have one large image for preview product. The product doesn’t have images in the description Please, view the video: WooCommerce Theme doesn’t support such large image at the demo. Thank you!

Hi, nice plugin. question: if I’m searching category ‘creative’ can there be items in creative and other categories? if so, how do I avoid duplicate because I’m importing all from each category

Hello! The plugin doesn’t import duplicates products. Thank you!

Hi, great plugin. Request. On item “Additional information” tab, can you separate each attribute to their own link instead of having multiple attributes but only 1 link? eg. tags: products, responsive, restaurants is lump to 1 link. each attribute such as products tag should have its own link, responsive tag should have its own link, etc.

Hello! We will put such feature on the list for consideration. Thank you for review!

Can this import all items by author’s username?

Hello! API Envato doesn’t allow it. Thank you!

After setting a price rule for aliexpress product imports, the prices in the front end show 0. I have set it correctly based on the guides, and it has previsouly worked fine. But now all of a sudden it adjusted all my prices to 0. Has this issue been seen before? I can provide more info if needed,

Hello! Please, send the request for support to, we will check your issue. Thank you!


The demo site doesn’t seem to be importing product description and other infos.

Hello! Please, view the video: The plugin imports the description and other info correctly. Thank you!

Here is what I see importing with a product ID:

Hello! We updated version of the plugin for the demo. Please, check now. Thank you!


Does not work with WordPress 4.9, Woocommerce 3.1.x?

The plug-in does not work.

please check.

Hello! On our side works correctly. Please, send the request for support to, we will check your issue. Thank you!

The plugin is awesome, I especially like the import progress indicators (x of y, z errors, automatic unticking after successfully import, auto-disable checkbox while being imported), pretty neat.

May I suggest a couple of feature requirements:

1. allow filter by relevancy but only list top X sellers, like themforest does, it’s immensely useful to exclude unrated or low-rated results in advance 2. allow multi-id import


Hello! We will review features. Thank you for feedback.