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With this plugin import products Envato the purchase is made on site or on the Envato? The products are complete demo of the link? In your demo are no products imported from Envato, you can not see the plug-in operation with Envato products? Thank you

Hello. Both ways are possible.

Thanks, you could leave good feedback :)

Hi, Interesting plugin But, I see there has been problem with this plugin. Is it working now? Where I can see the demo? Live Preview link on description page leads to empty white page.

Hello. Yes, plugin works fine now. Please check links below: 1) Frontend preview 2) Backend preview

Thanks. But this link AGAIN leads to empty page. NO any evanto items there.

Strangle, someone delete demo items to the trash. You can upload new items via backend and see them on frontend

Hi, i’m having an issue WooCommerce 2.5.5 not working :( it can’t save my Token and username, any help would be great

It works with default token, i still cant set custom. This is the sample how it looks like:

What’s not working: 1) Does not fetch description 2) Unable to fetch 590×332 inlay images 3) No referral ID

It’s a good plugin but it would be great if you can fix these 3 options, also as Envato Affiliate I’m buying themes on Themeforest and i want to setup Affiliate portal where Envato community could publish their items to my website without me as admin, consider if it’s possible to make plugin somehow visible under any non-admin user roles.

Hello. Could you please send us your server details to check the plugin


envato woocommerce importer support other Market place API?

Hello. What do you mean? Didn`t get your question.

At the ’ Search Filter’ the ‘Category’ and ’ Price’ filters do not work. It still showes results that are outside the given settings. For example if you filter between 20 and 50 dollars it shows items of 10 dollars. Same goes for setting ’ Wordpress’, it shows HTML Site templates

Hello. It’s very strangle. Should work fine. Could you give access to your ftp and wordpress backend access to check this case and fix?

Please use the form on the page to send email

Hello. We have fixed these issues. Please check.

Good afternoon, Tell how to configure the envato api to automatically affiliate

Hello, could you please send email to us with your ftp details and wordpress backend access. We will update the plugin and you can configure it. Use the form on the page to send email please.

plugin is not importing products based on keywords I can only import one product based on sku number defeats a big part of the purposed in buying the product as I want to be able to quickly review products based on certain criteria

I have the most recent version installed

Please use the form on the page

I discovered the problem with your plug-in at this time; it does not recognize the aliexpress categoriies; when I leave that field blank i get results with the keyword search; however, there appears to be very few sales of most products during the past 30 days

Could you send a screenshot of your search parameters please?

Hallo ,i can’t save my Token and username, I what my money back because i cant fix that

Hello. Could you list your problems and give some description. Also please give us ftp and wordpress backend access. We will check.

Hi, can I use your plugin with Easy Digital Downloads? (If not, are you thinking of developing it?)

WooImporter plugin works with Woocommerce right now, because it`s the most popular ecommerce solution. Easy Digital Downloads is not used often.

Hi. I installed with woocommerce on a new WP install – I cannot import products. I have added api key. I have searched for products but nothing found.

Hello. Could you send us the access to check it please? Here is a form, use it please to send the details. (ftp and wordpress backend)



I like the plugin. It would be very nice to be able to filter/sort the results that show after searching for items.

Filters based on: date (new to old, or date created), rating, etc.

Just an idea for an update maybe.



This is a good idea, thank you!


Very Like Plugin

How do I display the latest products a category ? EXP: Videohive>Logo


Hello, please send your question to our support thanks!

I see the orders on the demo screenshots. How does woocommerce know an order is placed on Envato ? how does Envato signal woocommerce ? If user clicks buy they are taken to website via externa affiliate link but there is no signal sent back to woocommerce ?

Ok. We will rename to have not be confusing.

So you confirm no order is created unless it’s set to simple product ?

If you set up “simple product” orders will be created on the WooCommerce. Please, view the website demo and try to do it. Thank you!

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Nice work, GLWS!

Thank you! Welcome!

Hallo, i asked a friend to make a purchase, and pay via paypal. I do receive a mail that it is processed and she also gets an invoice, but she doesn’t get a mail with the file from envato.

I tried first with standard API, and than made an personaltoken with and filled in my username. This also didn’t work.

Do you have documentation on how to make this work? thanks, Cindy

Please, send the request to, we will check it. Thank you!

This was the answer of support “The plugin only getting items from Envato. API Envato doesn’t allow to work and get an order from Envato. If you want to work as dropshippers, you need to order items yourself from Envato and send to your customer, but Envato sells licenses for items, so if you want work as dropshipper, you need to study the license for the possibility of its resale. The plugin has two modes. You can use WooImporter plugin for dropshipping or affiliate marketing. 1) Dropshipping lets your customers to buy products on your store. 2) Affiliate marketing mode will redirect your customers to original product page when they press “buy” button on your store.”

Do you have any questions? Please, reply to the ticket. Thank you!

Hello, I installed the wooimport on my wp site but cannot import products. I have added api key. I have searched for products but nothing found.

Please, send the request for support:, we will check it. Thank you!

Hi whenever i import product myself i add prices in my currency equivalent, but when the plugins imports automatically it does not include prices and these results to a lot of free products, which i don’t want it to be so. I want prices to be added to all products, so as not to mislead my customers about the free products. how can I permanently fix this?

Please, send the request for support:, we will check it. Thank you!

hi, where is the eBay Aliexpress WooImporter??? i bought it and you delete it? i need support for it’ its not working

Envato is approving the item now. Thank you for understanding.

Will this work like a drop ship site? The envato item will be purchased on our site and we will purchase it from envato for the client. This means all the link to envato will be removed. Also will we be able to change the currency for local purchase?

Hello! The plugin can import two type products: simple products and affiliate products in WooCommerce. You can use the option Currency conversion factor – If your store has the currency that differs from US dollar. The price will be multiplied by its value. Thank you!