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I don’t see any changes in the Changelog. What changed ?

Should have gotten switched over when the update rolled out, the change log is now updated thanks.


hi. can u create same this plugin for edd( easy digital download)?

I have tried to contact Pippin about this, I am not sure if there is an API yet for EDD plugins but I will certainly look into it as I have worked with Pippin in the past to make some cool stuff.

Good Morning,

I have problems with the plugin (thank you very much for the great idea). The problem is that whenever a user tries to access a forum is redirected to the registration page of Wordpress, and not the page validation plugin.

You can help me solve this problem?

thank you very much

Hey! Thanks for purchasing a Tyler.TC item, I truly appreciate it! Support for all our plugins and products is conducted through the Tyler.TC Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there a support team member will get to your topic as soon as possible (keep in mind time zones and holidays.) You will need your purchase code and as much info as possible please!

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Hi Tyler, Will you update the plugin to support the new Envato API and the “Item support policy” to check every now and then if a user still has a valid license ?

I am looking into it, unfortunately they changed the way verification works in a way that will make the current flow unusable. While they have no current plans to shut off access to the old API, the new one will require sign-ins etc. from users to verify their items.

Hey Tyler, any news for the new item support? And is there a way to add a purchase code for other marketplaces? Looking for a new way to handle all of this. Thanks

I just bought this plugin thinking that it would work, but it doesn’t—can I have a refund please?


I have small question: how I can add purchase code confirm in register page. Because I want to limit the number of registered users.


No Support?

It does not work now, please check!

We’re also experiencing some difficulties recently (it was working fine for the past 2-3 months). Please re-check.

Hi, I was wondering if you are going to implement something for this new “6 months support” feature that TF now has.

Or this is already working the way I am describing below?

It would be good to somehow lockout the users with expired support, right? Not just the ones that sign up and create a ticket after 6 months but for those that already entered the forum with the code, to check if their support is still valid.

Only then, 6m support would make sense.


Is it compatible with the latest changes in the Item Support Policy?

Great plugin! is it supports multisite?

When I click “Insert Locker” button doesn’t works. Doesn’t put the code in post or page. Please help me.

When click in mail icon review in console browser show this:

“Uncaught ReferenceError: thickboxL10n is not defined(anonymous function) @ VM8009 thickbox.js:9”

and when click “Insert Locker” button this:

“VM8013 mce_button_dialog.php:97 Uncaught TypeError: window.tinyMCE.execInstanceCommand is not a functionaddLocker VM8013 mce_button_dialog.php:97onclick VM8017 mce_button_dialog.php:140”

Does it work with Envato new API?

Hi! Can you let me know how can I get my buyers purchase code for testing? Thanks

Does it work with Envato new API?

Is this item still supported?

Hi how is it work with woocommerce? I sale product by woocommerce on my web and use bbpress forums, i want forums is private and only available for purchased code verifier. I don’t have any business with envota. Is it work with woo, and how? Thanks

Great Work! Good Luck!!!

Here is a free tool for envato author to Online Purchase Code Verifier by using Envato API.It will help you to save time.