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Woot! Can’t wait to put this badass plugin to the test on my new blog redesign this month ;) It’s definitely been a long time coming for a well made author dashboard – Awesome plugin Sitebase – good luck with sales!

Thanks Brandon :).

Very creative idea buddy!

Cool widget! Any more functionality you might add? :nerdy:

BTW : The thumb is awesome! Where did you get the icon from?

Any ideas for new features? The icon can be found here:

Yep, why not add Recent Followers or Most Selling Files in the previous 10 hours or any span o’ time? ;)

When i activate this dashboard on WP 3 .0.2 the dashboard from WP doesn’t show correct anymore. It shows only the Envato dashboard but not the other plugins.

I fixed this problem and the new version of the plugin is now in the review queue.

New version is available now!

Something I would find useful, as an addition to this, would be to show if there any new comments. Even if it doesn’t show the comment.

does it show only total amount of my sold items or all my income (sold items + referral incomes) ?

Thanks for responding

This Author is no longer around.

Is this compatible with WordPress 3.8?

Item doesn’t work even after giving api and user name. This is installed in latest version of wp.