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Hi; can it pull data from old statements (CSV) or just the fresh ones from the API ?

Hi; can it pull data from old statements (CSV) or just the fresh ones from the API ?

It can be done manually, the data is stored in JSON format in a flat file.

nice concept..wonder if Envato itself should implement such Intelligence dashboard in their

good luck with sales…

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Nice and easy product to use. Easy to add in historical data.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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I don’t understand why this item has only 3 purchases, if it’s gonna be what it looks like it’s amazing ;-)

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just gave you a 5 stars rating :) Can you please try to improve the User Interface by adding nicer and more visible charts ? something more like

Thanks for your feedback Cheers

UOU Apps

Thank you for your suggestion! And thank you for the rating :) We will see what we can do in the future :)

Hey i have a website name and i need stats for my user becuase i m starting ppv method so they will get good stats it will work for this website or not

Hey does this script uses the new api or the old api of Envato

The module does not work and the author completely ignores any messages. This debris do not buy !!! You must remove it or upgrade I will write about this envato .

Hello wpsparrow, I’ve gotten the followup from our developers and it would appear that the new API in fact does not work with our script. Let’s get you sent over a refund. If you’re unable to submit a refund request through Envato, put in a request on the following page and we’ll walk you through.

We’ll be closing this product for review by our company to determine whether or not we will continue maintaining this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Hello wpsparrow, thanks for pointing this out. We haven’t received this message oddly, but I went ahead and approved your refund.

We’ll be closing this product soon, but we’ll leave this open to give you an opportunity to respond and make a closing remark.

Just for the record, we want all our customers to have a positive experience. That said, we hope this wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.