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wow, useful stuff ;) very nice, all the best for your sales !


What happens after the post is created? Is it just a regular post, which you can edit if you want? And what about updates by the item author? Will the created affiliate posts be updated as well, or are they static posts that will be outdated as soon as items are updated by the item author?

Hi, the created affiliate posts is just a regular post and you can edit it if you want. It will not automatically update affiliate post when the items author update it. If you want to update the affiliate post you just need to copy and paste the Envato Item ID post creator page and your affiliate post will be updated. We’re gonna update the plugin to add some functionality to make it much easier to update all the affiliate post created. We’re going submit it for review when it’s done.


Thank you. I assume an edited post gets overwritten if you update it by entering the ID in the creator field?

If you’ve edited the post it will be overwritten when you do the update. If you have already created an affiliate post from any Item on Envato Market with the same Item ID it will just update the previously created post.


If you are open for custom development, Drop me a E-Mail across panecommerce@gmail.com

Hi, are this plugin can use with any theme?

Hi, the plugin only create a wordpress post from any Item on Envato Marketplaces with your affiliate link attached to it. You can use any theme you want.

Hi The plugin is compatible with Easy Digital Download or Woocommers?

Hi, the plugin only create a wordpress post from any Item on Envato Marketplaces so I think it doesn’t affect any functionality from Easy Digital Download or Woocommers.

is this consumes a lot of CPU usage ??? i mean i have lower memory

The plugin is using ajax to request data using Envato API and it only do one ajax request at a time so I think it doesn’t consumes lot of CPU usage.

thanks a lot for this plugin this what i was looking for long time… is compatible with all wordpress themes

Hello will this plugin work with wordpress 4.7 update?

This is beautiful.

how to put the affiliate links inside the posts

Cool! Good luck with sales!!!

is it automated or have to post manually all items

Hi, it is not automated you still need to manually enter the Envato item ID that you want to create as post. Ex. https://codecanyon.net/item/envato-affiliate-wordpress-post-creator/18133919 you need to enter the 18133919 on the post creator page in order to create the post.


Hello, what does the plugin will give as preview image if the product is video; like Videohive products pages? What does the created post will have as a preview in that case?


Pre-purchase questions:

1. will this plugin can be used to earn commissions sending traffic to these themes on themeforest or plugins?

2. Can I get all the 1000s of themes and plugins, entire themeforest and codecanyon products in one single installation inserted in my website?

3. Can I do something where a short code placed in one of my page, takes all the themeforest or codecanyon products from one single category or by keyword and put all the 100s of products cards on one go, without me doing one product by one product which is time consuming.

Hi, the plugin will let you create a WordPress post base on Codecanyon/Themeforest item ID you supply on plugin post creator page.

1. There’s a setting for you to add your Envato affiliate ID so that you can earn commissions when a user purchase an item using your affiliate link.

2 No, you need to manually enter the Envato Item ID on the plugin post creator page in order for it to be created on your wordpress site. If you want to create 1000s of themes or plugins you need to enter each item ID one by one.

3. No, the shortcode included on this plugin is for individual item only.



The live preview not available. Can you please share the live url of how the post looks like in front end?