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Hi i will buy this but can i use like this domain where all is in catolg mode not have price and the preview is on the same domain IF I CAN DO THIS WRITE TO BUY. Tnx bro….

hi Stambol, Yes,we can do it .Please drop us an email at for the custom work.Regards , Team Nexthon.

hi how can remove footer text powered by nexthon

hi im have lot cklic but Sales 0 ?

Hi i cannot login Admin panel. Error: Invalid Captcha every time.

Purchased but cannot download this item:

Error is:

Object not found!

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Is this item still supported?

It seems the rating is always 0 star, since it’s newly imported every time automatically?

there was a buyer with 100000 clicks and no sales

probably not worthy to invest in it.

I want to ask buyers if is working, because other script from this author doesn`t work and him is not around here for support. Thanks !

The author does not support the previous version of the script. Buy this one – cheat again!

Please add automatic update cron job feature then I will buy it.

Demo doesnt work