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Hello! None of sources get updated. I get always: Source updated successfully and 0 items imported. I’m using it at localhost by now.


Thank you for your purchase.

Please check Mod_Security disable

Usually envato api server block local host request.

Please, send me your 150.000 csv to import?

Please send email via profile for download link.

Can I mass import items from Envato? How are items maintained (updated) after being imported?


envato api limit 50 item per request.

we have 150,000 item in database so you can import via phpmyadmin



Some of my friends use this script, they say the description does not appear, why is that?

They use nulled version

Pre purchase question. Do we need our own token for envato api?

Hi no only your username “inovatiq”

Task “curl -X POST" completed with error in 0 seconds, output:

% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -:-:- -:-:- -:-:—0curl: (77) Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)

i need data import item all sent me data import


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hi always Item No Longer Available Say what?! Where did it go?

The item is no longer being sold. The author may have stopped selling or it was taken down for other reasons. Either way it’s no longer available.

please help to fix it thank you

Script is not working on sub domain.


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it was working what s hapened now , and how to fix it please

maybe envato block domain or sub domain, try install on different domain with new server ip, issue is with envato servers so i can not help.


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Heloo thank you sir. This is my site the problem that there are no d’inscription fir items imported . Thankyou


Download new version from your member area replace all files.

do you provide free database?


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can you send me the database of the over 150k items?