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Is this plugin still being supported? Because i have the same problem with the URL cloacking, it does cloak the URL but it doesn’t appears as a link on my pages and posts. Can you help me?

Sounds like this could be due to the formatting used on your site.

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Hi, So to make sure, I can link to specific products on Envato.

Do I get credit for any sales or is it just a little bit for the first time someone buys something.


Chris :)

The plugin will turn all envato marketplace links it finds into referral links. What this does is for every sale the user makes through the link you will get a percentage.

Hey I am using ACF plugin. It seems your plugin doent work if the URL is within a custom field. Is there any way to get this working?

Never ming I found it. add_filter('acf/load_value/name=your_field_name', 'envatocash_create_ref');

However it would be nice to add this feature.

Yea, there are a lot of custom fields out there. Will look into making this possible.

Hi Tyler,

I want to make website like http://themesview.com/. How I can get all categories and all categories items with their links, names and contents by using your plugin? Is this possible? I am new in web development.

I am Android Developer and selling items here : codecanyon.net/user/vishalbodkhe/portfolio

Can you please help me in this?

Thanks, Vishal

That is not what this plugin does, it uses URLs and rewrites them with your affiliate link.

Hi there,

Is this going to work on latest Wordpress version?

Yes there should be no issues.

Hi Is it working with the latest WordPress version 4.01?

Hi! Nice plugin. Using it for a long time. Strange thing. It seems that something wrong with goo.gl cloaking. Few days ago everything worked fine, but today I noticed that links are not closed with goo.gl I did not any tweaks on my site last days…

Sorry. Works on clean install.

Maybe a setting got messed up?? Anywho glad you enjoy it!

Thanks again, Tyler.

hi, is the demo not working?

HI… I’ve a simple question for you. The plugin work fine but when wordpress send the email for new article, the link it isn’t same the web. in the pages of the website the link is changed regularly as video preview but email remains in the original. you can change this or not ? Thank you very much Amedeo .

Hi Tylor!

Have an issue with url cloaking – it doess’t work even if I deactivate all other plugins. Tried to post this issue to your support forum and couldn’t do it due to forum software error.

Please, help me to resolve the issue with url cloaking.

Thank you!

when will an update the plugin?

Settings is not stored when I Save All Changes Options Page! Is it a problem with WP 4.5.2?

Seems like a nice plugin. Is this plugin still being maintained and supported? Last update april 2012? Is ‘no follow’ possible for all the links?

Thank you


This plugin is not working with the Preview URL for the domain http://preview.themeforest.net/. I think the refer username should be added to the preview URL as the normal themeforest.net.

Since almost all affiliates advertisers display a download and preview button. So if a user click on the preview button I will not receive my comission. This plugin should cover the subdomain from the preview feature right?


Is this plugin supported? I’m having no luck getting the cloaking to work. I’ve posted on the support forum, but haven’t got a reply.

I just said is not working with woocommerce, but after some minutes I see is it working. Thanks !!! I ll review now